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easter candy

The Complete Guide to Easter Candy

Here are my tips for which Easter candy to go for and which to skip, as well as some of my favorite healthy swaps to indulge your sweet tooth this Easter.

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Why Does My Tooth Hurt?

Working With Your Dentist

rights to dental records

What Are My Rights to My Dental Health Records?

Without dental records that follow you around for life, your future care will be compromised. Those health records are yours and you have the right to have access to that entire file, including the financials, the treatment plan, X-rays, and everything else it contains. As ...

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how to find a great dentist

The Ultimate Guide to Finding an Awesome Dentist

That's after the dry cleaner, children's school, family doctor and even bartender! Yep, imagine that, being last on the list! Who you choose as a dentist will have an enormous impact on your health -- positive or negative. It's an important decision that has ramifications beyond ...

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