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We started a blog in 2010 because no one was talking about how important oral health is to overall health. The latest scientific advancements in the oral microbiome and dental sleep medicine weren’t making it to the public.

Since then, Ask the Dentist has become one of the largest dental health sites on the web, with millions of readers each year. Our goal is to help you optimize your dental health to unlock better health and well-being.

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To help people understand the importance of oral health to overall health.


We take a root cause approach

We must ask “what” is going on as well as “why?” By looking to root causes in dentistry, we prevent illness before it happens by identifying nutrition and lifestyle solutions.

We write simply and clearly

When patients have doctors who explain things simply and clearly, they’re able to make better health decisions for themselves and their families.

We cite credible sources

We cite only primary research sources that are well-designed, well-conducted, and peer-reviewed. You can expect to see links and full citations for peer-reviewed research from trustworthy sources, like PubMed. We’ll also be open about what kind of study you’re looking at and what its limitations might be, including, who funded that study and why might that be?

Our articles are medically reviewed by Dr. B.

All articles are either written or medically reviewed by Dr. Burhenne.

We welcome people who are afraid of the dentist

Being afraid of the dentist is very common. We keep this in mind in our writing to help you feel safe and confident in the dental chair.

We don't do shame

Ever read an article on the internet that made you feel bad for your health-related decisions? Us, too. And it sucks, especially when you’ve been doing your best.

It’s our job to present you with information and options. We want you to walk away empowered, not ashamed.

We suggest products that we’ve actually tested

When we review a toothbrush or any other product, you can trust that we’ve used it ourselves and thoroughly tested its effectiveness.

We’re open about how our website makes a profit

Ask the Dentist is supported by readers via website ads and the purchase of affiliate products.

Buying an affiliate product will never cost you a penny more. If you’d rather not buy through an affiliate link, we encourage you to Google the name of the item you’d like and purchase it that way.

See an ad you don’t like? Please use the “report” link at the bottom of each ad. If you’d rather not see ads on our site, you can install an adblocker plugin on your browser. All of our content will remain totally public and free, even with an adblocker installed.

We also produce thorough downloadable guides on a variety of topics, for a small price, available on our store page.

We’re easy to reach

We are easy to reach via email. Drop us either of us line at [email protected] and [email protected]

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