Losing Baby Teeth: Are Red Spots On The Gums Normal?

Most parents don't notice these little red spots on the gums when kids lose their baby teeth. Here's what they mean.

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Losing Baby Teeth: Are Red Spots On The Gums Normal?

My 7-year-old daughter's baby tooth fell out. It looks like just a shell of a tooth without any inside. There is a red, soft, rounded protrusion left on her gum. It doesn't hurt her. What is this and what do we do about it?

A: Most parents don’t notice this little red spot on the gums. The red spot is the piece of tissue that was in the hollow shell of the tooth that fell out. As you may have noticed, when a baby tooth comes out, it is not a fully-formed tooth; it’s usually the crown of the tooth minus the roots.

I think that most people think that the whole tooth comes out when a child loses a baby tooth, but that would be nearly impossible. The root melts away and when there is no root, there is no support for the tooth, so the exposed part of the tooth wiggles itself out.

Left behind is a little spot of scar tissue that will slough away. The only thing I can say is that, when you do see that little piece of scar tissue, that means the tooth was in there a little longer than normal.

Good for you for noticing! Most parents don’t look into their children’s mouths and notice these interesting little details. I commend you for your vigilance.

Parents also ask me about the presence of an adult tooth behind or in front of the baby tooth, as you see in the picture above. This can happen quite often and is typically not considered a problem. Worst case, the baby tooth may need to be extracted, however, only a visit to the dentist can determine this.

There’s nothing for you to do. The body will take care of this. Your child can eat anything she wants. Sometimes this tissue will bleed a little bit, but it’s nothing to be alarmed about.

Mark Burhenne DDS

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  1. Anna from CA says:

    My 3 year old just went to the dentist and is recommending a theraputic pulpotomy. I do see the cavities on her rear molars and they do look deep. My only concern is that she has no pain so I just want to make sure that it’s appropriate treatment.

    Thanks for your response

  2. My tooth is red and it is not going away

  3. Anonymous says:

    My tooth fell out and i didnt pain AT ALL but then i noticed this little red wobbly thing it isnt herting but its,gross and i was kinda worried i will need a Sergey to remove it?

    • Ya same i dont know what it is and it is freaking me out and i did not feel any pain at all so i was like that weird!

      • It happened for me too, and it is perfectly normal. It doesn’t hurt and goes away so don’t worry!

  4. I have a red bump on my tooth after my baby tooth just came out, so is it the same thing???

    • It may look like it’s a red bump on the tooth, but it’s probably a little round piece of scar tissue that is sitting right next to the erupting adult tooth, making it look like it’s part of the tooth. See if it goes away after the adult tooth erupts.

      • EthanWood says:

        I have a red spot it is round and Im afraid its something serious is it a cavity or the scar tissue and if its scar tissue how long would it take to dissapear?

  5. I have a friend who’s daughter lost a tooth in the back of her mouth she’s 12 and when it came out it left a big red spot that isnt hallow tho and its surrounded by her gum which is a different colour with the inside should I be worried please reply asap

    • That little piece of red tissue with the big red spot is perfectly normal — that’s the tissue that was sitting under the roots of the baby tooth were being absorbed by the body to make way for the adult tooth. This tissue tends to be more red because it has a strong blood supply. It is, in a way, a form of scar tissue that will remove itself quickly now that the baby tooth is gone.

  6. What if the red bump turns black after several hours? Is this a problem or just the red tissue preparing to fall off? Please advise!

    • Alanis Stewart says:

      I’m the smartest one here, but I think you should see a dentist if it happens. or its just ALOT of oreo cookies.

      • Alanis Stewart says:

        oops sorry I meant ” not the smartest ” SORRY!!!!!!!

  7. Hi, My son he is 10 and he lost his tooth. Does a baby tooth has jagged parts on the bottom?

  8. My 7 year old son has both his upper middle incisors about to fall out. I’m concerned because his gums seem soft , inflamed, and red . Is this normal? He says they hurt. I do not remember this when he lost his bottom middle incisors.
    I’ll be calling his dentist tomorrow since he is due for his 6 month visit, but I didn’t know if I should be worried. Thanks

  9. I’m 15 and I just took off my baby tooth and my concern is that the adult tooth grew in incorrectly it grew behind the tooth it was supposed to grow on but enough for the one behind it to grow normal so now I have the tooth there but the big red spot in my gun where the adult tooth will not grow out of because it’s already there but not the same spot. Kinda hard o explain but my question is if my adult tooth didn’t grow on the red spot my baby tooth came from will the red spot heal into normal guns or will the red spot Stay

    • I’m no specialist but from my experience of having 4 teeth removed… My gums were almost Un recognizable after they removed my teeth and now after some time they look completely fine and normal. Color and shape look normal. I have braces that are helping to close the spaces. So worse case scenario you would maybe need braces to close any spaces but, your gums should heal and look like normal with time.
      Best wishes

      • @ Jose ….and I also wanted to add that even though your tooth fell out and mine was pulled , the same rules apply because gums heal up well in both situations. Any holes left from a missing tooth should close with time. But it would help to have a dentist take a look.

        • Anonymous says:

          I also have this squishy red looking thing on my gum shortly after two of my teeth came out what is the squishy thing

  10. Hi doc, my 6 yrs daughter’s front milk teeth is falling off and the root of her milk teeth has broken the gum/there is a hole in the gum near the root. is it serious ? or the gum will heal itself after the milk tooth is gone. thanks

  11. Hi I’m 16 year olds and I have one baby tooth left.
    My adult tooth is growing behind it and my gum all around that part is hurting is this normal

  12. Chris john says:

    So I have a crown that is loose and a little red bump popped up right behind it on the inside of my mouth feel like I could touch it with my tongue it is red and it bled a little bit like 20 minutes ago I noticed it this morning and I looked it up and I don’t want you as if you know what it is please tell me

  13. My daughters 2 front top teeth fell off and there are no signs of any teeth puncturing out of the gums.. Should I be concerned? These were her baby teeth..

  14. Hi I’m 11 years old and my first moler tooth fell out and a red bump is remaining where the tooth was but it doesn’t hurt please help me thank you

  15. My 5yr old lost 2 teeth 4 days apart and now there has appeared a purple little bubble in front of her adult teeth coming in and not sure what it is ? Would you have an idea on what it could be

  16. I just pulled out a baby tooth and I have a big red bump and it’s bleeding but not bad what do I do????

  17. My child just lost their first tooth, and left in the hole is what appears to be a squishy dot. Is this something to be concerned with?

  18. My 5.5 year old child got her baby tooth fell off leaving the red dot in the gum and looks like new tooth was growing behind. Do I need to take it to dentist. Or that tooth will be growing behind only or can we take any corrective action?

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