is colgate total safe

Is Triclosan in Colgate Total Safe?

The use of triclosan is Colgate Total is controversial. Here, I break down the latest research and explain why I think triclosan is a health risk you shouldn’t take.


Do Certain Toothpastes Cause Canker Sores?

SLS is a surfactant and a foaming agent found in most household soaps and detergents. It gives you that bubbly, foamy feeling when you’re brushing that manufacturers know make you feel like your mouth is cleaner. That foamy feeling from SLS might feel good, but SLS actually strips away the protective lining of the mouth. […]

toothpaste marketing

How Toothpaste Packaging Messes With Your Mind

Anticavity! Tartar control! Here I’ll translate for you what all those claims on your toothpaste really mean and break down exactly what actually matters to choose a healthy and effective toothpaste.


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