Prevent, Spot Symptoms, and Treat Dry Socket to Heal Faster

Dry sockets are common after wisdom teeth surgery. Here is how to know if you have a dry socket and how to heal it and get out of pain.

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Having your tooth (or wisdom teeth) removed isn’t exactly the most pleasant, but it’s a whole lot worse when you get a dry socket.

Though rare, dry socket is a possible side effect of tooth extraction and wisdom tooth surgery that occurs when the site doesn’t heal properly.

In many cases, patients who have post-surgery complications are unsure whether they’re experiencing dry socket. If they are, they’re even less sure how to heal it.

Take this reader, for example:

“My daughter had her wisdom teeth removed and a week later, she can feel air going inside one socket. In another socket, pus is coming out. I took her back to the dentist two times and he didn’t do anything but rinse it. She is in so much pain and over the counter meds are not working. Another dentist gave her antibiotics for an infection. Should there be cause for concern about these two sockets?”

Her description certainly sounds like a case of dry socket.

But how can she be sure, exactly? And how can you tell if you’ve developed one?

This article will explain what dry socket is and how to heal quickly if you do have one. Additionally, I’ll explain the most common causes of dry socket so you can prevent it and stay complication-free after your wisdom tooth removal surgery.

Let’s take a look.

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What is a dry socket?

When a tooth is extracted from the jawbone, a blood clot forms in the empty hole left behind.

Removal of the tooth leaves an empty hole in the jawbone that quickly fills with blood, forming blood clot within the first 24 hours.

The blood clot has two functions: It stops the area from bleeding and, over time, stimulates and facilitates bone healing. Remove that blood clot too soon—before the bone has healed—and you get a dry socket.

Sometimes, the blood clot is jostled free within the first few hours or days following extraction.

This can be a result of vigorous exercise, sucking through a straw, or other activities I discuss in more detail below.

But no matter the cause, without the blood clot present, the bone is fully exposed. This exposure causes intense pain that radiates up and down the face, as well as pain upon drinking cold water or breathing in cold air.

Why does a dry socket hurt so much?

Exposing the bone at the extraction site exposes the pain receptors in the jawbone to the outside world. And pain receptors in bones are some of the most alarmist of nerve pain receptors.

This just means that they hurt. A lot.

Think of the blood clot as a scab on a deep cut on your skin. If the scab comes off too early, the area is exposed and can be extremely painful. It’s also more susceptible to infection.

For these reasons, It’s imperative to keep the blood clot in the socket until the bone has a chance to fill the empty socket and heal. Without the blood clot, the socket will take longer to get better and will cause a lot of pain until the tooth extraction healing is complete.

How common is dry socket?

Dry socket statistics vary by the type of extraction and where your extraction site is. Here are the basics:

  • Dry sockets happen about 4 percent of the time across all types of extractions.
  • Extraction of a bottom tooth is 10 times more likely to result in a dry socket than a top tooth.
  • The mandibular 3rd molars (the furthest back wisdom teeth) develop dry sockets up to 45 percent of the time.
  • Patients between 40-45 years old are most likely to have a dry socket.

Is dry socket dangerous?

It’s not a life-threatening condition, but a dry socket can cause severe pain and sometimes lead to infection.

Untreated, early dry socket might cause infections that cause abscess or other infection-related symptoms like fever.

There are no known cases of death from dry socket or the subsequent infections.

(Ready to know what to do about your dry socket? Skip down to “What To Do If You Have a Dry Socket.”)

dry socket

When can you get a dry socket?

You can get a dry socket after a tooth extraction or wisdom tooth surgery. It’s caused by the resultant blood clot being dislodged before the bone and tissue underneath have healed.

Dry sockets are most common between two and three days after surgery.

What are early symptoms of dry socket?

Very fast onset dry socket may result in some bleeding beyond what you should expect within the first 24 hours, as well as severe inflammatory pain in your socket and into the bone. The earlier the clot falls out, the more pain you’ll experience—and the more likely you’ll need a dentist’s help.

After the fourth day, you shouldn’t need to worry about getting a dry socket, because the blood clot will have had enough time to establish itself.

However, every case is different, so I encourage you to talk to your dentist about your particular case and follow the instructions for care provided to you after extraction.

What causes a dry socket?

These are the most common risk factors that may increase your likelihood of getting a dry socket:

  • Smoking after tooth extraction
  • Being on birth control
  • Being a woman, especially if you take a contraceptive, as estrogen may cause the blood clot to dissolve
  • Tissue trauma during the extraction
  • Poor oral hygiene or underlying gum disease
  • Dry sockets in the past

After a tooth extraction, your dentist is likely to advise you against the following:

  • Drinking from a straw, smoking, or any sort of similar sucking action
  • Exercise
  • Coughing and sneezing
  • Swishing with water
  • Drinking carbonated beverages (soda, beer, sparkling water, etc.)

These recommendations are made because the pressure from spitting, sucking, swishing liquids, and even sneezing can dislodge the clot.

Tobacco may contaminate the extraction site and/or slow healing. The bubbles in soda and other carbonated beverages can cause the clot to loosen and fall out prematurely.

Additionally, strenuous exercise can raise your blood pressure and make it difficult for the new blood clot to stay in place.

Essentially, you want to be very gentle with your mouth to allow your bone and other tissues ample time to recover under the clot.

Dry Socket Symptoms: How to know if you have one

What does dry socket feel like? If you have dry socket, you’ll have moderate-to-severe pain that extends into the jaw and may radiate out.

Pain is the most obvious symptom of a dry socket.

The best differentiator between normal tooth extraction pain and dry socket pain is timing.

Post-extraction pain peaks and wanes within a 24 hour period. But dry socket pain peaks three to five days after the extraction and will take weeks to go away unless treated by a professional.

It’s also typically more severe and can radiate into the ear, especially when the area is touched with cool water or air. That’s why dry socket can sometimes cause headaches and dizziness.

If you’re experiencing severe pain or bleeding four or more hours after a tooth has been extracted and you’re wondering if you have dry socket, contact your dentist immediately.

Other dry socket symptoms include:

  • Bad breath
  • An unpleasant taste in the mouth
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Insomnia
  • Fever (rarely, accompanies some infections)

In rare cases, dry socket leading to infection can end up causing trismus, also known as “lockjaw.” This would happen between 10-40 days following the loss of your blood clot.

What does a dry socket look like?

Rather than a dark blood clot, a dry socket appears to just be a hole with white-ish bone at the bottom, or there may be an ever-so-slight tissue covering.

Colors of material over the bone in a dry socket will differ between the types of dry socket you might have, ranging from grayish-green to yellow to a darker red.

If you search for “dry socket pictures,” be aware that these aren’t for those with weak stomachs. This condition is visibly painful.

What To Do If You Have a Dry Socket

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again:

If you have any concern that you have a dry socket, see your dentist immediately.

If you do have a dry socket, your dentist will clean the socket and then pack it with a special material that will help ease discomfort and mimic the function of the clot that has fallen out.

The dressing may need to be changed several times while the extraction site heals—typically every 24 to 48 hours for three to six days.

There are two ways your dentist or oral surgeon can pack the dry socket:

  • Dry socket paste
    • Pros: relieves pain on the spot
    • Cons: only a short-term solution
  • Bone graft material or surgical foam
    • Pros: More of a long-term solution, useful in cases where bone has thinned and needs a longer time to heal and grow in
    • Cons: More expensive

Can a dry socket go away on its own?

Depending on when the clot comes out, some cases of dry socket may heal on their own. If you developed the condition on the third or fourth day after tooth extraction, the pain probably won’t last for more than a week and will go away without treatment.

However, a clot falling out on the first or second day after your procedure might require more serious dry socket treatment.

Most cases of dry socket typically heal between 7-10 days after they happen, with untreated, severe dry socket causing potential pain for up to 2-3 weeks.

How To Reduce Dry Socket Pain: Dry Socket Treatment

Over-the-counter NSAIDs, like ibuprofen or acetaminophen, can be helpful in reducing dry socket pain. If they’re not, your dentist may prescribe something stronger.

Keep in mind, these medications aren’t how to treat dry socket, just a way to keep the pain at bay.

S/he may also prescribe antibiotics to prevent infection. If you already show signs of an infection from your open dry socket, this prescription will be very important for preventing more serious issues down the road (like lockjaw).

In addition to medications, there are a few things you can do at home to alleviate the pain of a dry socket.

It’s important to note that the pain of a dry socket is not the same as pain in your gum tissue or tooth enamel. Analgesics (pain-relieving agents) like Orajel are unlikely to provide much, if any, relief.

1. Swish with Warm Salt Water

Gently swishing warm salt water can help to cleanse the exposed extraction site and reduce bacteria. Aim for ½ a teaspoon of Himalayan or real sea salt per 8 oz of water.

I use Sherpa Pink Himalayan Salt for my salt rinses.

I mentioned previously that strong swishing motions can actually cause dry socket, and they can certainly slow the healing process even after dry socket has been diagnosed.

For this reason, I recommend very gentle swishing—or not swishing at all. Just letting the warm water flood the affected area and holding it there can be helpful.

2. Dress with Honey

Honey has been used as a treatment for wounds for hundreds of years.

A 2014 study found also that dressing a dry socket in honey helped with inflammation and reduced pain in patients while causing no side effects.

To try this remedy, place honey on a sterile gauze, and then place it against the dry socket. If you’re using it consistently, be sure to replace it with fresh honey and sterile gauze every three hours or so.

3. Try a Cold Compress

Pressing a cold towel or compress against your cheek near the dry socket can be soothing. Just be sure not to hold ice directly against the skin, or you may get frostbite.

4. Apply Essential Oils

Essentials oils, including clove oil and tea tree oil, may improve dry socket pain. They’re both powerfully anti-inflammatory.

If you do want to try using essential oils for pain relief, remember to mix them with a carrier oil like coconut before applying.

Don’t use them for longer than a few days. Essential oils have antibacterial properties that can kill good bacteria in the mouth and disrupt the oral microbiome if used extensively.

5. Drink Anti-Inflammatory Teas

One of the best things about healthy tea is that it’s great at reducing inflammation throughout the body. Reducing the inflammatory pain in your dry socket can make a significant difference.

When I’m trying to reduce inflammation, I try drinking tea about three times a day.

My favorite brand is Pique Tea—try their Matcha Goddess if you’re looking for a place to start.

Other great teas for reducing inflammation include chamomile and black teas.

How To Prevent Dry Socket

Of course, preventing dry socket is the best way to handle this condition. Want to know how to avoid dry socket?

After wisdom tooth surgery or tooth extraction, be sure not to:

  • Sip through straws
  • Smoke
  • Aggressively spit or swish liquids in your mouth
  • Drink soda or other carbonated beverages
  • Exercise

If your dentist or oral surgeon gives you additional advice, follow any additional instructions s/he provides.

Additionally, taking care of your overall oral health is important, as periodontitis (gum disease) increases your risk of dry socket after an extraction.

Eating a diet that supports remineralization, taking oral probiotics and other supplements, and addressing snoring and other sleep issues may prevent the need for other extractions in the future.

What are the different types of dry sockets?

There are several medical terms your dentist or oral surgeon may use to define your dry socket. The terms refer to different onset and symptoms.

In general, a dry socket is one condition with various complications. There are different terms that define the specifics of the “complications” of a dry socket.

You’ll notice the term “osteitis” used in several of the names listed below. This term refers to inflammation of the bone.

Alveolar Osteitis: This is the basic term for dry socket. It simply means inflammation of the bones that hold your teeth. Other terms for basic dry socket are:

  • Localized osteitis
  • Alveolitis
  • Alveolitis sicca dolorosa
  • Septic socket
  • Necrotic socket
  • Localized osteomyelitis of the mandible
  • Fibrinolytic alveolitis
  • Alveolitis simplex

A basic dry socket may leave bone exposed to the naked eye or look dark. It causes intense pain that doesn’t stop and may radiate throughout that side of the face. Fever and enlarged lymph nodes are rare but known symptoms of dry socket.

Superficial Alveolitis Marginal: SAM is classified by the covering of bone tissue in dry socket with inflamed tissue called a granuloma (inflamed grouping of tissue your body can’t get rid of). SAM makes it painful to chew.

Suppurative Alveolitis: This more serious issue is actually similar to dry socket but does not involve the clot falling out of your tooth’s socket. Instead, the blood clot gets inflamed from bone fragments or bone lesions called “osseus sequestrum.”

In suppurative alveolitis, the bone becomes inflamed because of the inflamed blood clot. Your oral surgeon would recognize this because the clot develops a membrane on top that turns grayish-green.

The pain of suppurative alveolitis is medium, as dry socket pain goes. You’re also more likely to get a fever with this form of dry socket. (4)

Final Thoughts On Dry Sockets

A dry socket is a rare, but very painful, complication that can follow tooth extraction. The good news is that it’s also highly treatable, should it occur.

Following your dentist’s recommendations after extraction can go a long way in preventing dry socket. If you’re experiencing severe pain 24 hours post-extraction, contact your dentist immediately to seek his expertise.

The longer you can go without a clot falling out, the better. A dry socket within the first day will probably require dental assistance, while a clot coming out between days three and four may not be as painful and may be treated safely at home.

If you have a dry socket, you can try these remedies to improve the pain:

  1. Swish with warm salt water
  2. Dress with honey
  3. Try a cold compress
  4. Apply essential oils
  5. Drink anti-inflammatory teas
  6. Take over-the-counter NSAIDs (or doctor-prescribed pain relievers)

Preventing a dry socket will always be the best option. After a tooth extraction or wisdom tooth surgery, avoid any sucking motions and be very gentle with your mouth and body.

Do you have other questions about dry socket pain? Ask me anytime.

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  1. What percentage of people get dry socket from drinking carbonated beverages?

    • Alot of people get dry sockets when they rip out one if there teeth it hurts so bad i had that happen before it really hurt i was scraming and crying i was in alot of pain

      • I posted a comment at the bottom of this page on 3 24 16. I get dry socket every time i pull a tooth. You cannot get the blood clot back but you can heal the open hole quicker by eating a diet rich in protein vitamins A and C zinc and iron also help heal sores and wounds. Drink tons of water and sleep as much as you can. Also take your multivitamins and a little extra vitamin C. I did this and i healed the wound within 2 days. Dentist says i shouldnt feel any dry socket pain since air cannot get to the bone now. See my full comment at bottom of page

        • Its been 10 days since my teeth were pulled and my gums are completely healed now. I wrote in before about eating a protein rich diet and taking vitamins to help you heal and im sticking to this. I always get dry socket when i pull a tooth and suffer for about a month but this time i tried this tactic and it totally works. Hope this helps

          • Anonymous says:

            Thanks for the advice. You’re a great person Dr. Mandy V

          • Anonymous says:

            How often do you pull your teeth out?

          • How will I know if my dry socket is healing? I have white stuff inside the hole but when I use the syringe it doesn’t budge. I have no pain except for when I stick the syringe where the white stuff is and its only for a minute. Its been 2 weeks since I had my wisdom tooth pulled.

          • Lol i have never pulled my own teeth out. Sorry i should have given credit where it was due. A dental student pulled them for me under the watchful eyes of the dentist. If your not feeling pain in the extraction site chances are its healing. It heals from the inside out so be patient. and dont mess w it too much. Let your body heal. Dry socket usually comes with a ton of pain which can radiate from the top of your head down to your neck. If your not feeling that pain you just might be in the clear.

    • Snarky Momma says:

      Clove oil is the very best thing for dry socket, or any major tooth pain, until you can get into a dentist. I buy mine at GNC for approx $10, and always have one bottle on hand because you never know when you’ll need it. You can also look online as to where else they sell it.

      Take a Q-tip and apply a couple drops of the clove oil to it. Then place the Q-tip on the gum line of the affected area for several seconds. Make sure to spit the clove oil out, as you really don’t want to swallow it. It will taste awful! But, it will numb the area including the nerves for several hours, taking away the pain that in some cases even prescription pain medication wouldn’t touch. Oh, and if it’s the middle of the night, and you’re unable to get clove oil, grab whole cloves. Put 2 in your mouth, bite down and slightly chew on them, then rub them on the area. Hope this helps.

      • I tried clove oil for a broken tooth in a lot of pain and it worked to numb it but it must have gotten deep into my gums and nerves because my left cheek and jaw were numb for 2 weeks after! Never again for me, try with a very small amount first if anything.

        • Snarky Momma says:

          You make a VERY valid point Daren. Thank you for pointing that out! Clove oil is extremely potent. Essentially, clove oil temporarily dead-ens the nerves. Using too much or holding it against your gums for too long will numb the area far longer than desired. Also, too much repeated use in one area can cause permanent nerve damage and permanent numbness of the nerves in that area. It’s best to use no more than 2 drops on a Q-tip, and hold against gum for 3-5 seconds before spitting out.

        • Does anyone know: If I’m pretty sure I have a dry socket and can’t get to a dentist can I use orajel or that red cross stuff with the pellets?

          • ashlaurenna says:

            Oragel will work for a few minutes. Go to cvs and get cvs brand argenol.
            Try a wet tea bag to cover it. The exposure of nerves to air causes the pain when a blood clot is missing (dry socket).

    • My dentist told me to drink a carbonated drink and then 30 minutes after to have a milk shake! what the f…….. ???

  2. Reta Measheaw says:

    Thanks for sharing such valuable information not found anywhere eles. I need some advice about tooth decay and possible extraction. 1 week ago I noticed that a small part of my 1st bi cuspid tooth (upper) had chipped away. I went to see my dentist who took a couple of xrays. She told me that I had calcification of my root canal therefore I needed the tooth removed as root canal was not an option. I don?t have any pain at all therefore this seems a bit extreme. I really don?t want the tooth removed if it is not necessary and would really appreciate some advice.

    • I had 2 molars same thing Reta and when the dentist went to pull them they both broke on him, even though i had no pain but obvious cavities. I believe they are correct.

    • Anonymous says:

      i would get a second opinion from a dentist

    • I have several chipped teeth from various occasions dating back over a decade. I have never had insurance as an adult and didn’t have them treated as they don’t hurt (unless I bite my tongue, they are sharp). I recently had a wisdom tooth that was actually infected pulled and asked about the chipped teeth when they took the x-rays everyone (there were 3 dentists total involved and more assistants) said that if it didn’t hurt it hadn’t hit the nerve and was basically a cosmetic issue.
      You should definitely get a second opinion.

  3. Had #19 molar extracted one week ago. Still have clear discharge from extraction site. Jaw has small lump under extraction site.
    Extracted tooth was infected for 10 days prior to extraction, thought once removed the discharge would clear up and infection would go away. DR, told me to wait another 6 days and see if it clears up on its own. I think I may have a bone infection. Should I go back on Antibiotics? Just came off Cliyndamycin this past Saturday, 150 mg 4 times a day. should I go back an AB, if so which would you recommend.
    Do you think I may need to scrap the jaw bone again to remove any infection?

  4. Dear Dr.

    I had a bottom wisdom tooth removed 1 week ago Mon., the Dr. had me come back in a week and they removed the sutures. But he did not remove the gel pack and other stuff? he said he packed the hole with. Is this material okay to be left in? I can not call their office as they are closed on Fri. thru Mon. and I had noticed a couple of times this (material?) in very small quantities coming out. I am wondering what I can expect, and will it all eventually come out or disentegrate or what if anything I should do about it. Unfortunately I did not think to ask them at the office this past Monday.



    • Anonymous says:

      My packing just came out have a dry socket for the first time an unsure on the healing???

  5. Got a painful dry socket. Went back today and got it packed with this stuff that looked like chewing tobacco. It tastes awful but helped almost immediately and hours later I’m in no pain. What a relief!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I have the same stuff, do u have to take the brown stuff out of the socket or will it come out by itself?

    • Had the same done felt like heaven

  6. Hi i need some advice, i just had my wisdom teeth out about a week ago, i woke up the day after the extraction with horrible pain where my lower right wisdom tooth use to be, so of course i went back to the surgeon i was told i had a dry socket he packed it with some paste (honest to god it looks like it has twigs in it) and sent me home, 3 days later i again woke up again in horrible pain, so again i went back to the surgeon. He told me the dry socket was my fault because i am a smoker ( and no i hadn’t has a smoke since 2 days before the extraction) he packed me with that past again and set a standing appointment for me to have it packed once a week. i’m still in a great amounts of pain even with the packing ( it keeps the pain away for 2 days then just makes me feel like i want to through up). Now i’m starting to feel the same pain in my upper left socket, and will have to seek help for that as well. I have not been given any kind of pain medication (Motrin,Tylenol and Advil give me no relief) What do i do now, how do i get rid of this horrible pain that makes even opening my jaw to talk burn like acid is being poured into my ear down my jaw and around to the front of my mouth????? Please help me i don’t know what to do!

    • Armond DiPoalo says:

      I have been dealing with the same thing and this morning my dentist packed it with…IDK what. The pain went away but he told me that I would probably have to come back every day or every other day to have it re-packed. I do have the best dentist, Dr Lusbader in Newburgh NY. He is there from 6am until whenever 7 days a week.

    • I definitely feel your pain because these last couple of weeks have been hell for me. After the initial surgery I had to return to the dentist twice because of the same dry socket, after the second visit I felt great because they packed it with that awful paste. Well tonight (almost a 2 weeks after initial surgery) I decided to do some vigorous rinsing and I used a water pick and it knocked the paste right out and immediately I started to feel pain. Although it isn’t as bad as it had been I’m sure it will get there in a few hours or so. So first thing in the morning I will be calling my dentist.

      • Anonymous says:

        i had my teeth removed 10 days ago and had a dry socket. now tonight i thought there was food in my bottom right side so i used the syringe and i poked it by mistake and it started bleeding a little. i hope i didn’t cause a dry socket again. I’m not in pain but so scared because i have been in so much pain the past 10 days. last 3 days have been better . my dentist not in until monday and i am definitely going. just wondering if i can get dry socket again. also i have so much muscle pain up thru my ear and in my whole jaw… this has been a horrible experience

        • Ritascannell says:

          I am having so much pain,two bottom teeth out,lots of pain ,he packed it today very painful procedure.not that much bettertonightbeen nine transforms ,much prayer for you.

        • Anonymous says:

          If anything the bleeding should help form a clot.

      • i had my teeth removed 10 days ago and had a dry socket. now tonight i thought there was food in my bottom right side so i used the syringe and i poked it by mistake and it started bleeding a little. i hope i didn’t cause a dry socket again. I’m not in pain but so scared because i have been in so much pain the past 10 days. last 3 days have been better . my dentist not in until monday and i am definitely going. just wondering if i can get dry socket again. also i have so much muscle pain up thru my ear and in my whole jaw… this has been a horrible experience

        • can i get a dry socket again and would i feel pain already?? some white stuff came out -might have been food. not in pain yet just so nervous because of past 10 horrible days

    • Anonymous says:

      I had the same thing so I got a second opinion from a different surgeon he took an x ray and said the previous surgeon should have told me that my tooth was sitting on my nerve so when he extracted it he tore that nerve up. Now I have a 50/50 chance that my jaw will ever feel norm again. He also extracted three old packings that he saw on the x ray, the previous surgeon was packing new on top of old and just leaving them in my jaw to heal up and rot and fester. Has I not asked for that second opinion I would have abscess soon. On week three now and this surgeon is seeing me every day to repack and make sure it’s healing correctly.

    • Anonymous says:

      Go to a different dentist, that one isn’t helping you at all. Good luck to you!

    • Anonymous says:

      Ive had a dry socket and had mine packed almost daily and that gave relief daily but ive since had my lower right wisdom tooth extracted on friday and my lower right jaw hurts and it burns like crazy when i try to talk and i also have that feeling like needles are being stuck in my gums and temple just all around the right side it just doesnt feel like a dry socket to me and i also have that funny taste in mouth and burning in my throat talked to doctor and he wants me to try and get in to clinic in the morning hopefully itll get better

    • Suck it up butter cups… Just be thankful you don’t live in the 1800s

      • Was pain different in the 1800s, buttercup Kyle.

        • Back in the 1800s they would just dope you up on ether or opium glycerine. So, wheres the 1800s when you need em?

  7. On Tuesday 3/20 I received 4 upper surgical implants. My Periodonist told me I could not wear my current dentures for 4 days following surgery and then to keep them out as much as possible while I go through the months of healing. I don’t think my surgeon is aware my dentures fit so badly, since they are always out before he examins me. I have to use a lot of powder adhesive to secure them. Will this cause my implants to dislodge or not heal properly even if I just wear them when necessary? My 4 days are up on a Saturday 3/25 and I don’t know what to do 🙁

  8. dear doctor , I had a wisdom tooth extracted 5 days ago .I begin to experience dull ,acheing in the socket .I returned to the dentist yesterday who advised me I had a “slight” socket and suggested I syringe the area whith warm ,slaty water .the Pain is 4 out of a possible 10 and is quickly resolved with Ibuproffen .My concern will this get worse ? Will it resolve of itself ?
    Many thanks , Jon m Sydney AUST

  9. Hi, I just got all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed and have been in an extraordinary amount of pain since the day after the procedure. Mostly on the bottom right and a bit on the left. Do you think it is dry socket? and what should I do about it?

  10. I got my two bottom wisdom teeth removed on Friday, March 16. I got dry sockets about four days after the procedure. They are excruciatingly painful — like, the kind of pain that makes you unable to think of anything else.

    I went back to the surgeon and he packed it with gauze that was soaked in something that has clove oil in it. It was instant relief. However, the pain came back, and I had to go back in again. I got relief from the pain for another day until it came back again. It was last weekend, so I was plum out of luck to go to the dentist on a Saturday.

    I did a lot of Googling for home remedies and came across clove oil. So, I went to Whole Foods, picked some up, and voila…relief. HOWEVER, be VERY advised that you *have* to dilute it. It will burn you (momentarily).

    I just dropped a few drops into a cup and then put a lot of water in it, swirled it around, and sucked it up with a syringe. Next, I dropped a few drops into my holes and stuck gauze over them immediately (as to not let the oil spread to the rest of my mouth because of the hotness). Within five minutes, the pain will be gone — promise.

    I have been doing this everyday for about a week and have had no pain after I use the clove oil. I have to do it after I eat and flush out my holes, or the dry socket pain comes back. So, if you are suffering right now, go to a health store, get some clove oil and relax — I swear it works (but be VERY careful)!

    • Anonymous says:

      Tried it very impressed. Thankyou

      • Anonymous says:

        I have to dry socket s so this is mentioned to I will have a go at it thanks very much

    • This is the honest to goodness TRUTH. I lived it and followed the same steps!
      Dry Socket Gone! Takes a few weeks though……

    • Ivi Davis says:

      Yes clove oil is a lifesaver. I use thesethese little cotton pellets, soak them in dilluted clove oil and pack my hole with it, havent had pain in a week , i replace the cotton pellets every day they come out very easy using a water syrine to clean out the hole. Thanks for the advice on clove oil, you r a lifesver

      • Donna Hinckley says:

        Where do you get the cotton pellets?

    • Thanks so much for the idea of clove oil. I’ve been in agony after an extraction and bone graft done 5 days ago. I have been taking over the counter pain meds and vicodin and nothing will help me. I feel like I’m killing my liver. I’m a little scared to try the oil, having read the other comments about the nerve damage and burning. Thanks again.

  11. Hi.

    I need some advice please. I had a front tooth removed 4 weeks ago after it broke. Unfortunately I have developed a dry socket and an infection, both have been treated – had a medicated dressing put in the socket and took antiobiotics for 5 days. However, two weeks later the dressing came out and the socket was still “open” and throbbing. I went back to my dentist last Thursday to get it checked out and he stirred the wound up to make it bleed, put another dressing in and stitched the wound up. He also prescribed anonther course of antibiotics (the same as before). I have finished the antibiotics yesterday and the throbbing has gone, the rest of the stitches came out today together with some of the dressing but the wound has still not healed. Does anyone know how long it can take for the body to start the healing process after such complications? And is there anything else that can be done, other than having stitches again? I’m a 29 year old woman, non-smoker, non-drinker but I do take oral contraceptives which I’m aware have some kind of effect on it. I would really appreciate any advice. Thank you!

  12. Dr. Alina Jones says:

    Alveolar osteitis or dry socket is the condition occuring after tooth extraction when the clot gets dislodged due to one or the other reason. It requires immediate consultation of dentist. It is most commonly seen during wisdom tooth extraction. It is usually treated with gauze mixed with ZOE. For more info visit..

  13. Had my lower wisdom tooth removed a week ago. After a few days I started to experience pain that I can’t even begin to describe. I went back to my doctor and he explained that I had a dry socket. Immediately he inserted a medicated gauze into the socket to relieve the pain. Returned to the dentist every two days to replace the dressing. I’m still experiencing alot of pain and I would like to know how long does it take for the Dry socket to heal completely. Is there any home remedies out there that might help with the pain.

  14. Anonymous says:

    will i get a dry socket if the clot fell out after a few hours? or will it heal and make a new clot. please help its memorial day weekend and last weekend i was in pain the whole weekend with a wisdom tooth coming in and today i got a tooth pulled and then i ate and food got stuck in it and i got it out and the clot came with. it had been bleeding all day anyway but im scared it wont clot and become unbearable pain.

  15. i am the above “anonymous” comment. i just fogot to put my name in before hitting reply

  16. Hi. I had 4 wisdom teeth cut out and was fine except that my lower left side was still hurting and didn’t seem to be healing right. I called me dent. (who I was to see in 3 days for a follow up) I told the nurse I still had pain and was worried for infection. She sent in amox. Antibiotic and a couplme more pain pills. I went in a couple days later still in pain he said I had mild symptoms ofd dry socket and packed it with the nasty stuff. Felt better, went today to have it removed and it felt fine so I left. An hour later I am in soo much pain now I KNOW i have dry socket. All offices are closed and this is a holiday weekend so I’m screwed. Can’t decide if I should go to the er or find pain pill to get me through the next couple days!

    • I had my wisdom teeth cut out the same day! I woke up 3 days later and it was so much painI didn’t know what to do! I went to er.. let’s just say pain pills don’t take away the pain. I went to surgen today again and he packed it with a gauze that taste horrible but instant relief! He sent me home with more and some tools to change it out. I just changed it and it sucks.. my bf tried to do it for me but he was try n to put it in my cheek!! I don’t think he should be a dentist lol. I’ve been bed bound for a week with my teeth and I just want to feelgood again. I hope u feel better soon too!

  17. I got all 4 of my wisdom teeth out 6 days ago, I was starting to feel better by the fourth day.. then at night my left bottom side was in a lot of pain.. I was prescribed oxycodone which was helping a lot but the following morning was my last pill. I ended up calling my doctor in tears telling him how much pain I was in so he prescribed me some hydrocodone which didn’t really help very much. I have been crying because of this excruciating pain.. I woke up in the middle of the night last night completely miserable because of how bad I was hurting, I went to the bathroom and tried getting the nasty taste out my mouth which just added to the completely miserable experience. This morning I went to see my oral surgeon again, and as soon as I got in the room I immediately started crying, he asked me which side I was feeling the pain, which was the left, so he rinsed it with water then stuck this gauze dipped in something in the hole, which felt like he was taking a knife to my gum, it hurt SO bad, and tasted bad too. Once he was finally done he told me I should start feelin relief in about 15 minutes. I did feel relief but then my right side started hurting.. I don’t know if I’m just scaring myself or what.. but now my left side is hurting again not as bad as before but still enough to be really uncomfortable.. I have to go back in 2 days, I don’t know exactly for what, but I just really really really want this pain to end and I want to go back to normal:(

    • and no I have a ulcer on the right side of my mouth which is pretty uncomfortable andslightly painful:(

    • Hi Tess

      I have complete sympathy with you as I was in exactly the same boat. One of the nights I was woken up by the pain I spent a couple of hours online. The “liquid” you dentist probably dipped the gauze in was Eugenol or Clove Oil. You can do this yourself. It hurts to begin with but after 10 minutes the pain in almost gone completely. Mix 1 drop of Clove Oil with 10 drops of Olive Oil. Take a small piece of gauze (about the size of a peanut). Dip it in the solution and push it into the socket – use a cuetip to make sure it is in far enough so it isn’t affecting your bite (but don’t shove it right the way in as you will need to get it out again later). the clove tastes aweful but its a small price to pay for the pain to go away. I’m changing the packing about every 4 hours until I can get back to the dentist. Good luck.

    • I have been through the exact same thing. I guess the dentists after all these years of painful events can’t figure out how to solve them. It seems to me like someone having a dry socket is the worst thing for you and the best thing for the dentist. We are clients that kept coming back, two or three times a week. Like a money pit…. 🙁 A big miserably painful money pit. I feel as if my life will never be back on track.

  18. I’ve never left online comments but after my painful experience and reading about everyone’s experience…I had my bottom right wisdom tooth extracted and after three day’s the pain kicked in, starting from the area of extraction, bottom jaw and going towards my ear and then the worst spot, my head..It’s unbearabled pain, the off the counter meds are definitely not working.
    I went to see the oral surgeon today and he said I have a dry socket, and he placed that gauze, which taste really bad about an hour ago and I’m hoping this pain goes away.
    I’m only hoping that like most of you, that this pain goes away………. !!!!! I’m so done with this tooth pain.

    • I had 2 wisdom teeth removed under GA 4 weeks ago (the bottom one was impacted). I had to go to the emergency dentist after a week because the pain was excrutiating. He prescribed 2 lots of antibiotics and a mouthwash and diagnosed “infected socket and ulcerated gums”.

      4 weeks later I am still in agony. I attended the hospital yesterday where I had the tooth out and the Doctor said it was dry socket and was surprised the dentist didn’t pack it. He flushed it out and packed it with some foul tasting stuff and said it should provide relief within an hour but it hasn’t worked! I am still in a lot of pain and don’t know what to do next. He said I could go back and get it packed again but I don’t see the point if it hasn’t worked.

      • Reply to zoe n sonny

        I also had my hole packed with clove gauze. Its stinks it burns and it didnt help with the pain. I actually feel worse. Did u ever get relief? I feel like taking the gauze out myself becuse it hurt less before

  19. Hi. I have a question. I got my back left side tooth pulled about 12 days ago, and it’s not painfull but I have an acid comming from it that is making it to where I can’t eat and it’s so nasty. What is it and what can I do? Thank you. Oh and I got clove oil but that was for pain.

  20. Anonymous says:

    go to a drug store and get a tooth first aid kit, something like that. it has cotton balls and the oil that helps. make sure its the oil one and not the ambesol shit lol dip one ball in water then dip it in the oil then put in top of socket. dry socket blows ive had it for like six days now. its annoying id advise to always eat with gauze or something over the holes not to get food in and get a syringe with salt water and change it after every meal also clove oil does work as well.

    • I used that kit thru the holiday waiting on my dentist, and eventual extraction of a tooth that broke Christmas Eve, infected and with a nerve exposed (all that,until extraction Jan 11. Went thru 3 bottles of that,which eventually burned taste buds and lower lip. I didn’t dilute ?.

  21. hi i had a tooth removed, and im a heavy smoker really bad and of course i cant wait the 24 hrs to 48hrs to have a cigarette!, would i get a dry socket several hrs later if i had a cigarette even tho i had it covered with gauze?

    • Hey i was jst wonder wat happened after u smoked? Im a heavy smoker 2 n its been killing not being able 2 smoke wen i did i put gauze over the area n then took it out right away bt did u get a dry socket or anything like tht im dying for a cigarette bt i cnt stand having the gauze in my mouth anymore

    • I got dry socket 5 days afer the extraction because I tried to smoke.

  22. Omg I been going through this.pain for over a week. I feel like my head on the left side keeps swelling. I can’t go to work and the.clove oil effect is starting to fade. My dentist repacked it every morning for a week and I used the nicoteen patch and the Dr won’t repack it. He said it needs to heel. I didn’t know all of this but after the extractiin I was sucking some taste out the home which I thought it to be blood. I Kelsey spitting it out all weekend. No one writes on line how u not supposed to do that. Lol I got all the clove oil bottles the beauty supply has on 116th. I use a q tip to dap the liquid around the gums in hopes some dripps inside. Along with attempting to put oragel maximum strength as a topical coat being that I’m still swollen in pain all around. I’m using a bottle of clove oil every 2 days. I’m taking naproxen, 800 milg of moultrin, vicodin, 1 tylenol 3 and a sleeping oill all at bedtime just to fall asleep for 4 hours. Lord help me.

    • knmak_615 says:

      Lord help you learn English soon.

      • ashlaurenna says:

        Excuse me?! Go to hell. I think you have the wrong person. I’m sick and tired of people like you. You are rude. Go hide in a hole where you belong.

  23. Hi I had a tooth extracted on wensday and it was very pain full and it it Saturday night and the pain just keeps geting worse and I am taking vicodin and still in pain and I can see and feel the bone should I be worried? And what should I do about it?

  24. christopher rivers says:

    i just got all 4 wisdom teeth taken out about 8 days ago and man what an horriblllllllllllle adventure that was. I dont think ive felt any pain worse in my life after it was all over! I cant even explain it. I couldnt sleep, eat, smoke, nothing except bitch to evryone tht was around me. It was super annoying. The migrane i got was omg the worst thing in my life on both sides of my head and my face and my ears. i felt like my head was a rock that was in pain like a mug if that makes any sense. The pain killers i took were oxycodone and hybiprofin. The oxy made me really nautilus and gave me the headaches in the mornings and the hybiprofin was the only thing that worked but it only worked for like 4 hours then the pain comes back. I RECENTLY JUST WENT TO GO GET MY 2 DRY SOCKETS FILLED AND MAN WHAT A RELIEF. BUT A DAY LATER BAMMMMMM..THE PAIN HITS AGAIN LIKE A LIGHTNING STRIKE. IM GOING TO BUY SOME OLIVE OIL AND CLOVR OIL AND SEE WHAT THAT DOES FOR A FEW DAYS UNTIL ALL THIS HEALING BLOWS OVER. I DEFINETLY RECOMMEND EVERYONE TO GET THE ALL TAKEN OUT AT ONCE BECAUSE I DONT THINK ANYONE WOULD WANT TO FEEL THAT PAIN TWICE IN A LIFETIME LOL. ALL I HAVE IS ONE THING TO SAY AS IM IN SO MUCH PAIN RIGHT NOW. FML! LOL THIS WAS WORSER THN BEING IN AFGHANISTAN!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Hello I’m 5months pregnant and had a tooth pulled 11days ago..on day 8 the extraction site started to hurt all the way through out my jaw and even my ear at times and since then I’ve noticed a bad taste and dentist office is closed Sat-Monday so I have been using the pain meds I was giving to help with the pain. As I used them sparingly after the extraction. My question is will the med’s the dentist be harmful to my Baby as I keep reading online it says that Clove oil is used and further reading has claimed it to be like a posion to the baby?

  26. I am going mad here. Do I have a dry socket or not?!!
    I got my lower right wisdom tooth out 3 days ago, the procedure was not totally straightforward, took about 40 mins. But pain was ok for first 24 hours now pain is getting worse (but is calmed with ibufprofen and paracetamol) and I have had a horrible bitter/kind of burnt (?) taste coming from the “socket”, awful taste.
    My (ill advised) internet research half tells me I have a dry socket, and half tells me I haven’t.
    I tried to follow the general rules, but I got a bit of a cold the same day as extraction, and have been sneezing, each time I’m sure this could have caused the blood clot to dislodge, but I cannot tell from looking whether I have one still, or if I even ever had one!
    Some sites suggest horrible taste and pain after 3 days is normal, while others say this is definitely dry socket. So frustrating.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m trying to recover from a dry socket and its the worst pain I have ever been in in my life! I can’t imagine it not hurting with what I feel and what my dentist told me about them. I’ve had 3 kids (2 with no drugs) and I think I would rather go thru that again then experience a dry socket again!

  27. One thing that would seem to differentiate dry socket is the pain is meant to be excruciating (according to ‘most’ people), but there are still plenty of sites which say pain can just be moderate to dull… which puts me back to square one. argh!

    • Anonymous says:

      I had an extraction of my lower right back tooth.
      A few hours later after changing the gsuze,
      I noticed something white & realuzed the blood clot eas gone.
      I have had no pain. It surely seems like .&
      Looks lije dry docket but no pain–yet.
      Is this actually dru socket if no pain?
      Scared straight.!

  28. dr-omoron dental surgeon says:

    to the anonymous ; no, this is not a dry socket. dry socket causes are (1) vigourus surgeryto [extensive manipulation in the tooth socket](2)less or no blood in the tooth cavity after extraction of tooth(3)when patient rinses the mouth after tooth extraction vigorously and the tooth socket becomes empty of the blood clot (4)when the patient puts his finger or tongue in the tooth socket after extraction of tooth (5)smoking or tacking alcohol beverages on the same day after extraction of tooth e.t.c ……………Treatment::rinsing the the tooth cavity with tr.iodine mixed water with disposable syringe .and packing the empty tooth socket with zinc oxide paste mixed with clove oil in cotton swab.also advise metronidazol tablets to be taken by mouth three times a day ,antibiotics and pain killer .i hope this will help all the community.

    • I had a lower molar removed yesterday.Was a bad extraction had three roots instead of two and one of the roots was twisted,plus the tooth was very decade and just kept breaking up every time the dentist got hold of it.It took 30 minutes to extract and as soon as he’d finished he rinsed it and packed it with this horrible tasting stuff and has put me on metronidazole tablets 400mg. Had to take painkillers when numbness subsided and only had two today.Had tooth removed at 2pm yesterday and bleeding finally stopped at around 6pm. Rang dentist about gauze in socket because I didn’t know what it was and they said it was medicated and to leave it in place and it would fall out by itself.Just wanted to know if this is right and how long would it take to fall out? Thank you for any advise you can give me

    • When I sleep and my sinuses are congested I suck air through mouth. On removal of second wisdom tooth, this caused dry socket. On removal of third wisdom tooth, dds took precaution of stitching extraction site. I suggested this to dds on recent removal of last wisdom tooth, he felt it was unnecessary. He was wrong. Why would henot listen to me and take this simple precaution?

  29. I just had a tooth pulled and I have extremely bad breath at the moment and a weird taste does that mean I could be getting dry socket

  30. Hi Tyler, I’m not a dentist so nothing I say should be interpreted as professional advice.

    I had two wisdom teeth out on the 11th of October. The bottom tooth was a difficult extraction, complicated by a small infection in the tooth. 48 hours after the extraction, I got that cheesy smell and bad breath from the sockets. After 72 hours, I had a dry socket forming in the bottom extraction point.

    This smell is infection caused by bacteria decomposing the clot, dead flesh and food caught in the socket. From a previous extraction, I know that such infections can prolong the healing process and can even cause severe complications. I know (as a scientist) that bacteria in general do not have a very wide resistance for ph-levels, so my solution was simple, I rinsed my mouth out and packed the sockets with pure Baking Soda (because Baking Soda is high ph and not toxic) after every meal and before bed. Today the sockets are completely healed over.

    By killing of the bacteria, the body can better spend resources growing tissue in those sockets, rather than fighting bacteria.

    Fair warning though. Baking Soda tastes like soap and will hurt some on the first few applications. On the plus side, if you have indigestion, Baking Soda is an ant-acid.

    • P.S. That should say. “slightly high ph” not “high ph”. Baking Soda ph in water is slightly higher that neutral.

  31. I just got 1 bottom wisdom tooth pulled yesterday. It’s been okay but now today kinda bothering me a bit behind my hear and down my jaw a little. Not sure if this is normal or if I’m getting dry socket. It’s tough to see into the hole where my tooth was but when I look I swear I see two little white things and I’m hoping I havent’ lost my blood clot and see bone. I’m super worried!

  32. Omg, reading all these pain stories brings flashbacks from when I was in the military and got all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled…SUCKD SOOO BAD! Now im on this web page because I’m about to get 2bottom molars extracted, I remember the pain vividly like it was yesterday and it’s been 10 years since I had my wisdom teeth extracted so I’m reading up trying to figure out how to prevent this dry socket,thats how scared I am to get dry socket again. I see a lot of useful hints though to help the pain if I do get dry socket, sounds like clove oil& cotton balls for me. wish me luck and I wish everybody else the best of luck!

    • Anonymous says:

      I feel ya buddy. The pain from dry sockets in unbearable. Do anything you can to keep from getting them.

  33. Many years ago with the extraction of a widom tooth I developed a dry socket. A wet tea bag was prescribed (place over the socket) it worked. As for mouth ulcers I have learned to apply a drop of the liquid extract of golden seal to the ulcer on a qtip. Not only does it nearly eliminate the pain by within a nite or two it is completely gone! The liquid extract of Pau d Arco dropped on an achy tooth works wonders.

  34. I had all 4 wisdom teeth out on Weds 7th November. The surgeon came to see me after surgery and apologised that I may be quite sore, as the lower impacted ones were particularly difficult to extract, I had stitches in my lower right hand side which was fine, just some swelling. By Monday 12th Nov I was in writhing agony, I contacted the dental surgeon for pain relief and he sent me to my GP. I then rang back again as I felt something was wrong and was asked if I had a funny taste in my mouth, as I did, i was advised I probably had dry socket. I went for the smelly brown stuff packing in 2 of my wounds, I asked if I should continue to use a straw for liquid and was told to stop immediately as this causes a vacuum effect. He said I’d probably sucked my own clots out. I’ve been back today for my wounds packing and within an hour, they had fallen out, que absolute agony. I have just tried the baking soda rinse, thank you Rune. My GP also prescribed a nerve blocker, Amitriptyline, which she hopes will dull the pain I have in my mouth. I’m on day 2 (no better they just make you tired) but she said 2-3 before I’d get any relief from them. Will keep you posted, I sure hope I don’t suffer for weeks like some of you poor folk, I only wish I’d been warned about dry socket, I wouldn’t have used been using a straw!

    • Anonymous says:

      hi i just wondered how long it took to heal i have been suffering now since 28th november its now the 6th december (over a week later) and im still in pain the packing with clove oil has not taken the pain away and im thinking of not bothering going back to the dentist and getting it packed and to just get some clove oil from the chemist and putting some in the hole
      many thanx nicole

  35. Hi, I am day on 8 of my dry socket nightmare, i have 3 wisdom dry sockets. i didnt know it was possible to feel this much pain for so long. i suffered for the first 3 days with just paracetamol and ibuprofen which did nothing. ive since then been on codeine and tramalol which send me off the planet but it helps cope with the pain. I had the sockets packet at the dentist for the first time yesterday and that helped me get a full 4 hrs sleep last night (1st time in a week). Im also on antibiotics as they think one is now infected, when will this nightmare end, i hope i dont have this for weeks like one poster i read earlier. well good luck to anyone suffering like i am i understand what you are going through.

  36. So I had my back bottom molar ( #19) extracted and it’s been bleeding for almost 2 days! Every time I take the gauze out it take the blood clot out and I can’t air it because I’ve tried it and it just bleeds and bleeds in my mouth ? What should I do I might have to go back to the dentist !?

  37. I had # 19 thru 22 removed, at home that evening I felt a sharpness and looked in the mirror. I see all kind of bone poking out of the gums. This is causing discomfort even more so then the teeth did. I go back to the dentist the next day and he says that they will work their way out. I have had other teeth removed and I know that bone slivers are normal. These were more than slivers and they are cutting the gums. I go back a week later and he says I have a dry socket. He does go ahead and remove these bone chips that are the size of baby teeth, a total of 5 pieces. He then packed the site with the dressing for dry socket. I do not believe I have dry socket since I did not need any pain pills after the bone chips were removed. Any thoughts on this?

    • Hi–I hope the dentist didn’t charge you for removing those bone chips. Sometimes they work so fast and are over-booked that they don’t check carefully enough for something that might still be in the socket. I am suspecting that might be what’s wrong with one of my extractions. I was told by someone in the dentist’s office when I went back after a couple days of bad pain that I did not have a dry socket but normal healing. It is two days after that and I am still in pain. I can’t see bone like in some dry socket photos but a little white sharp thing. I have been medicating constantly for four days but today am trying to hold off the pain meds until bedtime. Tomorrow I will try to see the dentist. I have had other teeth out in the past with little to no pain resulting. Now I have the worst toothache ever and there is supposed to be no tooth left.

  38. Hi I got my upper right side middle tooth removed on Thursday but on the same night I was in such bad pain that I couldn’t sleep
    , the extraction was quick and easy so I was shocked on the next day to be told it was dry socket. The dentist flushed it out with some anticeptic mouthwash then covered it which helped for like three hours but since then I’ve been in terrible pain , taking all different pain killers and none have worked , I have an emergency appointment tomorrow but for now I’m awake at 3am not knowing what to do to ease this unbearable pain.

  39. I got both wisdom teeth on the bottom pulled 9 days ago. Went back 3 days later and had the start of dry socket. He cleaned both extraction sites and packed it with the cloves stuff. It helped but now the pain is on the other side. It’s amazing how they say dry socket is rare, but yet so many people get it. Can someone tell me how long it actually takes the sites to heal???

  40. Spacey dave says:

    Ohhh boy here we go… Three days ago I had my upper right bicuspid removed by the best dental surgeon a guy could ask for, Dr. Mayes, mans got skill. The tooth had been busted down to the root for about three years and was almost Always infected, and im sure like allot of peeps everything is more important than one mesely tooth when ur poor, needless to say I ended up in the er with a pretty gnarly abscess. Anyways now its been 81 hours since the extraction, smoking the whole way through, and I think it was a sneeze that finally knocked out the clot (of all the things, and I have a very intense job requiring lots of bending and straining).
    Last day or so nasty taste and breath upon awakening, accompanied by radiating pain encompassing the whole upper right quarter of my skull. After a half hour nap earlier (holiday, good excuse) the pain was quite notable, but DEFINITELY NOT the worst pain I ever had. I am wondering if the socket may be most of the way healed already (24 yr healthy male, and as aforementioned the BEST dentist got it all out in one peace, no pain or swelling post t exo) or if I have yet to bear the unrelenting storm of midnight four letter words. The clot is gone but seems that the socket is most of the way covered, at any rate home treatment seems plausible, fingers crossed ill post my experience here for others. Please. She. Baking soda, dude your a genius, I mean scientist 😉 feel better all, the more pain one endures the less stuff hurts if that be the only silver lining, may the force be with you or something witty an what havvit

  41. Hi, I had my bottom left wisdom tooth extracted on wed its now Saturday and I’m in pain. Its kinda strange though if I elevate my head the pain eases up. Could this be dry socket

    • Anonymous says:

      It may be dry socket, I’d give the dentist a call and explain how it feels, it couldn’t hurt to ask!

  42. I have dry socket and been back to the dentist 3 times to replace the dressing. He just removed it this morning and I am in serious pain AGAIN! I have a major cold right now and with all the coughing and sneezing I’m worried it’s not going to heal. Can anyone offer advice?

  43. Hi

    I have a lower molar removed last Tuesday it was a tough extraction and he had to use what he called cow horns to help open the gums to release the tooth. It didnt bleed much after coming out. Just the next day I was in agony but put this down to bruising from the extraction. On Thursday I woke up in agony unable to eat and sleep. I phoned my surgery who said to go in. They washed out the socket and packed it with funny tasting stuff . They gave me antibiotics and told me to take pain killers. I brought co codamol which Arnt even touching the pain. I have returned to the dentist today who has told me I need to see the oral surgeon who took out the tooth tomorrow . The socket isn’t healing and he may have to either create the bleeding again or stitch the socket? I’ve never heard of this before and never been in so much pain. Please can anyone advise me ?

  44. Anonymous says:

    I had all 4 impacted wisdom teeth out Thursday, my left side seemed to be healing fine but my bottom right was in so much pain. The pain was in my jaw and up to my ear. About three days after my surgery I woke up in such pain I was in tears in the middle of the night. Today I called my oral surgeon and explained how I felt and they told me to come in. When I got there he looked at it and said it was really bad dry socket, then he took the clove oil gauze and packed it. I have never ever felt such pain although it took all of 30 seconds to pack it I felt sick from the pain it was like he shoved a needle down there! Anyways about 20 minutes after I felt so much better, I have to go back again on Wednesday. Anyone who thinks it may be dry socket or something just doesn’t seem right you really should just get it looked at its worth it! Best of luck everyone!

    • Hi, I had my bottom left wisdom tooth out last Thursday, I had to go back to the dentist yesterday due to intense pain. I was told I had a dry socket but that my gum was too swollen to be able to put the filler thing in. I was prescribed antibiotics and bacterial mouthwash and told of it still hurts on Friday to go back. I have been prescribed co-codomol and am taking it with ibroprofen but it only eases the pain it is still quite bad. How long does this pain last for? I am currently off work. Do you think I will need to go back on Friday to dentist?
      Also is there stronger pain relief I can be prescribed? The pain is unbearable.


  46. Hello i had my bottom 2 wisdom teeth removed on December 20th, 3 days after i got a dry socket on each side now, i do not smoke,use straws ect… i went to the dentist twice and he cleaned and put a stuffing in it. all he said is it will take time to heal, well now it is almost February and i still have 2 dry sockets, i have been rinsing with salt water, with a tool that the dentist game me “to get food out” is there anything else i can do to help them heal faster? they do not hurt they are just annoying me every time i eat.

  47. I have a open broken top moler that had a root canal but the crown broke off a year ago now i have a bad taste and maybe liquids secreting in my stomach that I am asking can this liquid affect my pancreast i have been Diogenosed with pancrititis could this be the reason cause I do not drink alcohol and they say that’s where pancreititis comes from?

  48. Hi – with dry socket, is it normal to have a swelling on your face that is extremely out of proportion, under the gum line, hard to the touch and burning up? And will this go away any time soon?

  49. I had a wisdom tooth extraction in the lower back and despite doing everything my dentist told me I still developed a dry socket. The pain was excruciating. after going back repeatedly having the bone scraped to try & reclot alomg with multiple antibiotics I have now developed fluid coming from the extraction site which is causing thrush and leaving a horrible taste in my mouth. I cannot get it to stop and its also blocking my ear off. I’ve tried everything. my dentist says its healing but after almost 2 months there is no way. Can you please help me?

  50. I just recently had dry socket and jaw infection as well!!! Two problems at once…..I recognized the signs straight away less then 2 days away from my extraction on 3 rd May……Now is 5 th May, I got prompt professional help straight away. I felt the pain and saw the swelling of my jaw and rushed for help, even if it meant dumping what I was enjoying doing that more 200k’s from my hobby which was repairing steam trains! As I knew this was serious issue that occurs after tooth extraction.

    Now after numbing me, which was downright painful they packed it medicated gauzes after scrapping and digging all the dry blood plus contaminated with germs etc. out the socket. Put me on antibiotics and hopefully I got it early enough to heal it completely!!!!!

  51. Charlotte Hyatt says:

    I had a tooth removed today. Will using dental paste for my dentures pull out my blood clot and cause me to have dry socket issues?

  52. Hi I just had my dry socket treated today and the pain is near nonexistent now but now I’m scared to do anything. I’m mostly scared to eat anything. What should I eat? How should I care for it now that it has been treated with the paste? I don’t want to get a recurring dry socket and out of my fear I haven’t eaten a thing all day. Help?!?!

  53. I got my wisdom teeth removed 9 days ago. About 3 days later I started to experience the WORSE pain ever which I then found out I had a dry socket. I followed all of the post-op instructions (no smoking, exercising, drinking out of a straw etc.) & somehow still managed to get a dry socket. It was in my lower wisdom tooth. My right side was in excruciating pain, my left not so bad but still some pain. I had to start a new job on Monday so I was unable to go into the dentist because they were closed by the time that I got off. I called my dentist and he thought it sounded like I had a dry socket with an infection so he prescribed me another antibiotic to also take with my current antibiotic & to rinse with peroxide & to get some amesol dipped on a small piece of gauze and pack it in which seemed to help for a couple of hours. the next day I went to the dentist ( at another location that was open later because mine was already closed) in which the dentist told me I did in fact have a dry socket but fortunately no infection. I continued to rinse with salt water & peroxide because I wasn’t told otherwise (bad idea) which I think made it worse. The dentist packed in some brown gauze stuff which I believe had clove oil on it and tasted horrible!! It caused my whole mouth to taste like it and actually made me feel nauseous! About 30 mins after him packing it helped with pain but sure enough a day later I was back in the same excruciating pain!!! Had to wait a day to see my dentist because they were closed and when I went to see my regular dentist he said he didn’t prefer the brown gauze but preferred the paste. So do I!! So much better. Seems to relieve pain more and doesn’t have nearly as bad of a taste. He asked for me to come back 2 days later to do the same thing. Now I’m on day 9 starting to feel a little better with my pain medication and him packing but still not 100%. He said it is my choice if I want to go back to get it repacked, which I definitely do but am unable to get off of work by the time they are still open. Really scared that I’m going to start feeling the same excruciating pain again and am not going to be able to make it into a dentist. Also terrified of eating as I don’t want a piece of food to get stuck in there and cause infection. Also scared of rinsing becUse I don’t want to disturb the dry socket again. I don’t know what to do. Anybody know how long it actually takes to get the pain to go away??! I’m so tired of feeling like this and worrying about that god awful pain of coming back! I’ve now had it packed 3 times ( 1 gauze & 2 pastes) Starting to feel better but is the pain going to come back once the paste goes away? I’m also almost out of my pain meds. Someone please help as I am so worried!! I can’t concentrate on anything else but this and starting a new job has been so difficult! Can’t request time off & can’t focus on what their teaching me. Feeling hopeless. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!

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  55. maria feliciano says:

    Hi I had my front teeth taking out Saturday HD massive stitches in my mouth today is Tuesday and there coming out that’s not normal I have appointment sat for it my mouth is so numb and in so much pain please help

  56. Thanks for your wisdom really helps

  57. I had two of my lower wisdom teeth extracted. First two days were a breeze, I thought I was healing up pretty quick since I felt nothing, with no swelling either. The 3rd day was a bit sore but very tolerable.

    Once it hit to the fourth day, complete dong show. I was in the most excruciating pain ever and I have a really high pain tolerance. The pain radiated towards my ears, throughout my jaw line, it felt like a non-stop throb where some one was constantly ripping at your gums. I had codeine to help cope with the pain, didn’t work. I tried Percocets which numbed me for a good 2 hours but still had constant pain. I couldn’t sleep, at times I actually wanted to cry because the pain was unbearable.

    3 days later, I had my check-up appointment and I went in and told the nurse that I was quite positive what I was experiencing were dry sockets. She was pretty convinced that they weren’t and that they were common symptoms of temporarily pain from a wisdom teeth extraction until she actually looked into my sockets and said they could be dry sockets? … She used a syringe with some green liquid and diluted it with water and started flushing out my sockets (which felt a lil stingy but amazing at the same time since it was relieving). I would have to spit out this disgusting liquid into a cup, it looked bad but smelt even worse. So she did that to both but she didn’t pack any thing into my sockets but told me that I did have dry sockets and she had to clean it out, now every thing is gold. I do have an allergy to penicillin maybe that’s why she didn’t pack them?

    Although, she told me I could start vigorously rinsing my mouth now and I can now drink from a straw but still stick with eating soft foods. Which kind of confused me because I thought that by doing those two things that would dislodge the blood clot that needs to be formed and I did ask her if there would be a chance of me getting a dry socket again and she told me no.

    Now at this point, I am a little worried because even though I had my sockets cleaned out and she didn’t pack any thing into it. After 15 hours I currently have an earache and a throbbing sensation where the sockets are but it’s minimal pain which I can deal with. I just want to make sure I don’t go back to that excruciating pain I had before. I notice that every one had their sockets packed up but I’m confused as to why I didn’t and will I have a greater chance of getting that dry socket again?

  58. Excellent article. I’m experiencing many of these issues as well..

  59. Lord god 6 days now why do I still have pain the tooth still has hole in it can any one please help

  60. i have dry blood on my teeth when it cam out and it is black and it is bleeding what do i do dr can you help me i am olny 9

  61. Jesus, all these dry socket stories are terrifying, 3rd day since extraction here and never had any pain, will avoid “dry socket” at all costs, I’ve suffered through enough weeks of torturous pain with my infected wisdom tooth, no more, thanks..

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  67. I had a wisdom tooth with an exposed nerve. Last week it was removed. What was odd is that even after 8 shots to numb the area, it wouldnt completely numb. Now after removal, i still feel the same nerve pain. Is this normal? I dont have dry socket! This is the same pain i experienced when the took was in!

  68. pelangsing badan herbal says:

    You possibly can add fruit to your breakfast for added nutrients and style.

  69. What does it mean if you have had a dry socket packed and it is still hurting like crazy?

    • This happened to me. I had it packed with material and clove oil (Eugonol). It lasted for just a little while and she took it out so it would heal anyway. It’s been 9 days since my surgery and I am still in extreme pain without pain killers.

      Buy Eugonol CVS brand and a plastic syringe. Drop 2 to 3 drops ONLY as needed to the area. It will be bitter and taste horrible. Try not to get it in other areas of your mouth as it may make you vomit. Use some gauze if you need to contain it after application.

      I am also on painkillers.. it is enough to take the edge off but you must EAT WARM SOUP or something mild with it so as not to get sick. (HYDROCODON OR OTHER).

      MAKE SURE YOU TAKE YOUR ANTIBIOTICS AS DIRECTED. Infected tooth pain is just as bad in my opinion.

      These things work well for me and without them I’m in so much pain I could die. (Dramatic but true.)

      Please email me for further info.
      [email protected]

    • Anonymous says:

      I had a dry socket packed early this morning when my jaw was still too stiff to open all the way.So when they packed my dry socket the pain came back in less than hour. So only you know if something us wtong like i did thats why i went back cause it wasnt giving me relief. So I went back in about 2 hours he cleaned it again and this time really jammed it in there I immediately felt that stinging, burning feeling but it was a relief this time it seemed to heal better but, it does burn the first 10 minutes. But what happened to me was I had an impacted wisdom tooth on my bottom right side and he had a hard time removing it. First 2 days I was fine I was still under the effects of the sedation so I felt minimal pain. Around the 3rd day it would hurt to talk, felt a pinching feeling on the right side of my face, slight ear ache, soar throat, stiff jaw, super swollen but I thought this was just part of the healing process. So I was taking Oxycodone 325ml and the doctor suggested if I was in extreme pain I could take up to 3 midol since that’s an anti inflammatory. Great. So I was faithfully wrapping my face with the ice pack on and off 30 minutes. I slept almost sitting up since your face swells more when laying flat. I also gently used salt water rinse 3rd day I was super gentle brushing my teeth I barely spit, since the force could dislodge the bloodclot. So here I am thinking I’m doing everything right but of course it always happens during the weekend when you can’t do much! So the pain was excruciating the 3rd night my lip was throbbing, my chin was tingling, jaw was radiating and I had an extremely difficult time sleeping. Took me til 4 am the 4th and 5th night too. I took all my pain meds but if anything I felt slightly queezy all that medicine didn’t settle well. But I made it through I wrapped my face each night with ice to get some relief. So finally by Monday I was in agony. So today is day 6 since the pulled all 4 of my wisdom teeth. I’m going back again tommorrow morning. I’m going every day this week if I have to. To be honest I’m starting to feel pain again and it’s 1 day. They say it’s supposed to last for 3 days when they pack but I think that depends on each case. I say if your in pain don’t suffer keep going back as many times as needed to get it changed and make sure it’s people that care about your level of pain.

  70. says:

    The Hemlock Wooly adelgid (Adelges tsugae) and Balsam Wooly adelgids (Adelges piceae) are devastating pests.

  71. Had a dry socket packed this morning. He said it was a dry socket, but I didn’t have much pain before or after he put the medication in the socket. Are there different types of dry sockets?
    I did lose my blood clot, but it looked like there was still a little blood on the bottom of the socket.
    Any thoughts would be great.

    • Well I’m no expert but if they said you have dry socket and your not in agony consider lucky they caught early. It probably took me 3 days before I realized I had dry socket. So I was suffering all that time not realizing. From what I have been reading online the healing process is different with everyone. From what they told me today the dressing the pack on your dry socket should last up to 3 days. The way I see it don’t be in pain if you don’t have to. The pain that dry socket causes pain meds can barely take away. So if you feel ear ache, throbbing headache on one side of your face, radiating burning feeling in your jaw, and just deep pulsing pain get it repacked asap don’t wait!

  72. Stephanie says:

    I had a molar removed a couple of days ago, not sure which one, but it’s the 6th teeth on my bottom left side from the middle teeth (idk if that made sense )
    Procedure was done at a house where I was recommended to looked more like an office than a house but no name outside.
    The problem is that I am starting to feel a lot of pain in the area accompanied by faint ear pain and pain when swallowing. I am taking antibiotics I had at home and painkillers but they don’t seen to help much.
    Any advice?

  73. I ended up losing the blood clot from my extracted tooth a few hours after they pulled it. Saw the open hole and spot of bone inside the hole and started to freak out as ive had dry socket evertime ive pulled a tooth. Im allergic to prescription pain meds so i feel the pain full force everytime. INSTEAD. I focused on healing it as soon as possible as the pain comes with the exposed bone. I ate a diet rich in protein like eggs and beans. Vitamin A in spinach and sweet potatoes and took my multi vitamins along with extra doses of vitamin C. I drank tons of water and slept as much as possible. No joke i closed that hole within 2 days and have no pain. Focus on your health and check the internet for foods that heal sores and wounds. Wish i would have done this before. My dry sockets lasted 30 days in the past and i completely dentist said i shouldnt have any pain since the hole is closed and air cannot get to my bone. Hope this helps if youre suffering

  74. Juan Carlos Guevarra says:

    Hello Im an 16 years old boy from the Philippines. I have this case called dry socket and it is really painful. I cant walk and I feel headache . When I consult to my dentist he cure it by bleeding the part where my teeth remove. It helps me because i never experience the pain but something went wrong after 2 weeks I feel some pain in that part. It feels like a food that I cant remove inside it. When it hurts my teeth from the top (I mean the opposite side of the part where my teeth remove) also hurts. Im really afraid now cause I dont want to experience another pain of dry socket.

  75. I had a tooth pulled on the 31 and it’s the 5th and I have a big blood clot over the area where the tooth is. It’s all the way down to the other teeth, should I be worried? I don’t much pain and it usually goes away. Is this normal

  76. Ben Bexon says:

    I had a tooth out 4 weeks ago. I got dry socket and had it treated about a week after the extraction. It was then fine for 3 weeks+ until a few days ago I got dry socket again! I have had it treated again but i am still in agony, last time the pain was gone almost instantly after treatment. Can any body tell me why I’m still in agony and how i can stop it??

  77. I had my bottom right wisdom tooth removed on 7/8/16 and today is 7/13 and I’m still in overwhelming pain since the extraction day. It’s almost impossible to focus on anything else except for the pain. I have throbbing pain that radiates from the extraction site to the two molars next to it in addition to the top two molars on the right. It also radiates to my right ear and my cheekbone. I also feel some sharp pains here and there. On top of that, my glands or nodes (whatever it’s called) is swollen under the right side of my jaw/on top of the right side of my neck and is also painful. The pain increases when i lie down or look down. My oral surgeon says that I have a dry socket which he packed yesterday but it has not alleviated the pain in anyway. I’m supposed to go back in a couple of days so he could re-pack a new dressing but the one that I have in my now smells and tastes horrendous. I feel like taking it out of the socket right now. I’m currently taking three 200mg of Advil and it’s only partially helps with the pain. Help!!!

  78. I was a little terrified about having another molar in the back pulled because of getting dry socket in both bottom teeth 12 years ago when i had all 4 out the same time.

    I didnt understand how the hell i even ended up getting dry sockets when i did everything i was supposed to. No drinking from straws, i even quit smoking, followed all the directions.

    My Mom said i can smoke , just dont suck too hard.

    As far as soda goes, ive never heard that you shouldnt drink it just because you have had an extraction or that it causes dry sockets.
    I think that truth may be relative in respect to soda does cause decay , alot of it, which ultimately leads to rotting teeth and needing extractions later on

    But anyway , i now know where i went wrong the first time after having oral surgery and wisdom teeth extracted
    And i DIDNT UNDERSTAND THE WHOLE BLOOD CLOTTING ordealio. And i didnt have google back then for more info on it , but basically where i went wrong was with changing all that gauze too often, and most importantly i learned this time thanks to google searching and info and tips on websites is to WET THAT NEW GAUZE FIRST before you change it out. Geez i probably never even got a blood clot going because i kept bleeding , and then bleeding some more because the dry guaze will be stuck to the bleeding clot and then come out with that guaze.

    Ugh. So much blood i was almost sick to my stomach which is also probably why i got dru socket because i may have spit some out because i was sick of drinking it

  79. Shaun Connolly says:

    Hi I had a wisdom tooth extraction on Thursday (3 days ago) and went fairly well. Bottom left tooth and I’ve kept a close eye on it ever since. There isn’t any white signs but more of a dark green/red look to it, I wash my mouth with salt water once a day and I didn’t smoke on the first day. I was a little unwell and had a cough but wasn’t terrible. I have a little pain in the area but not massive, I can sleep normal and I can work fine. It’s my first extraction so I’m not sure what to expect? I can’t taste anything too bad and I don’t notice my breath being bad, no bleeding from the extraction site but it feels pretty deep still if I run my tongue over it? I hope someone could give me a solution I’m just torn, I go on holiday in 4 days and not sure if I should visit dentist and possibly have holiday cancelled and my parents wedding :(…

  80. so.. if the problem is that he blood clot gets dislodged. And new blood wouldn’t begin to replace it.

    wouldn’t the best cause of action be trying to begin new bleeding with sterilized tools to form a new clot?

    and then just taking extra extra care not to dislodge it?

  81. Hi. I got my dry socket packed 24 hours ago and my follow up is tomorrow. But I’m just worried there’s something still wrong. It’s a yellowish brown color and my tissue around the site is turning white and looks a little inflamed. I did have a horrible infection. The dentist pulled out my infection before he packed the dry socket. I was prescribed antibiotics before they would even pull the molar. Very difficult extraction. It took 4 days to get this tooth out. And very difficult dry socket treatment.

    All in all. Things are not too bad. Still jaw pain but no pain really coming from the site. Very minimal and bearable of at all. I guess I’m wondering if this is normal healing for the dry socket.

    • I wish I could upload pictures. World make it much easier for all of us to help each other.

  82. Will the bad breath eventually go away associated with a dry socket after a tooth extration

  83. Douglas Shadwell says:

    I have a dry socket where an upper 2nd molar that was removed. The dentist wanted to go back in and take the bone away so the gums would heal quicker.

    My question is, if no packing or grafting material is used and I simply left the area to heal on its own and bear with the pain, will it eventually heal on its own. In other words, will the gums just grow over the bone?

    I assume the gums will keep trying to grow over the area because of some mechanism the exposed bone causes on the surrounding areas to make tissue grow to protect it? Would be very interested in the details of how this all occurs.

  84. I had a tooth remove 5 days aggo and I figure out that I have a dry socket I call my dentist and told him he prescribe antiobiotic for me so am taking those and watching what’s gonna happen.the gum is growing over the area now jus feeling a little pain now.

  85. Yvonne Lygo says:

    The material that attaches the tooth to the bone is left in place and slows / prevents healing. And causes dry socket. Leading to A bone cavitations ( a machine to detect these is called a cavitat scanner, very expensive equipment, and rarely bought by dentists) cavitations cause systemic PAINS. HEALING of extracted sites will begin at top gun area in dry sockets.I think. Munroe Hall clinic specialises in cavitations surgery.

    • MARK EWERS says:

      I am in absolute agony, I had four teeth removed last Thursday, the pain startted getting worse on Saturday, I had the teeth taken out at Kings College Hospital, because I have heart problems, I called my Local Dentist & went to see them, they told me I had a Dry Socket, & he packed it with a sedative, it was ok for about six hours, but now it is worse than ever, I am a 52 yr old male, & i’m almost in tears, what can i do ?

  86. I’m on day 15 of dry socket… how do you know the gum is healing? I can’t see that far down and the hole is still open significantly. I’ve had it packed twice and the pain comes back once it dissolves. I also smoke which I know delays healing… I cut back significantly from 20 a day to about 3-4 and keep gauze in my mouth. I’m at my wits end though… can’t eat solid foods, can’t smoke, can’t go to the gym… I just want my life back. Has anyone else developed dry socket and continued to smoke? Is it possible that this may NEVER heal?!

  87. Nicole Calzaretta says:

    I have my bottom wisdom tooth removed over a week ago, it was impacted pretty bad and they removed bone as well. I have been in extreme pain, i cant touch my ear it is in excruciating pain. I also already had TMJ and noticed the pain in my jaw is also excruciating.

  88. Arpit tiwari says:

    Hello, firstly I am in such a worst time.
    I had lower right molar extraction on Thursday morning, day after same I am having a lot of ulcers near lower lips and some near extraction site. I also had some soft part scratched by oral surgeon while extraction, they are big scratches and are adding up to the pain I am having with extraction and ulcers already. On Saturday evening yesterday I was brushing gently before sleeping and I found some blood come out, I can see that the formation of big white tissue is disturbed but not completely, I saw some part is exposed, some is still there. Bottom side of tooth side is covered but the side white issue is lost some. Now, can I place a gauze at that site to stop some paint I have started again on this site? Can I use ice to lower pain? Should I consult dentist, because I am worried he may remove the remaining tissue also to out on his method? Is there any way I can relax my mind and be motivated to breath 🙁

  89. Mark farr says:

    I currently have a dry socket left lower far back jaw. I’v had this for the last 3 years. It’s been causing vertigo for about a month now. The dry socket started hurting and swelling about 3 days ago now I know what’s causing the vertigo. 2 days ago I could still see the bone. Now it’s to swollen to really see inside. It kind of makes me want to beat my self in the face with a hammer. Going to DR. On Tuesday. Or maybe oral surgeon?

  90. Christine says:

    I am reading many wonderful questions but I don’t see any answers. Are the answers responded to here on the forum for everyone to benefit from or are they private. Thank you.

  91. I had gotten my tooth pulled Friday I went back because of pain I had dry socket they packed it with this clove thing I just want to know when is it supposed to come out on its own ?

  92. Terry Frausto says:

    It has been three weeks since I had an upper tooth pulled and the socket still hasn’t filled in. Is this something I should be concerned about?

  93. toothhelpplease says:

    I have been to the dentist multiple times and have been told I have dry socket. I had my tooth extracted around 10 days ago, I am still in pain but no where near as much as in the beginning. I have been on 2 courses of antibiotics and nearing the end of the second and have had multiple guaze changes.
    I can see the sight is healing now, but I am still getting the foul taste, is this normal? Will the taste go when the hole closes up?

    Thank you everyone for your help

  94. Can I do yoga a day after my extraction?

  95. I had dry socket which went to an infection. How long did the pain last at least two weeks. I had to go to a holistic dentist who cut out all the infection. I took antibiotics and penicillin as the infection was quite bad. I am left with a strange feeling coming out of the socket and slight ache. I had the dry socket 6 months ago. I will suck up the slight discomfort as I believe I was lucky it healed to the point it has given the severity of the infection in the dry socket. The pain is scary and its natural to start getting anxious that it won’t heal. Only those who have had dry socket no how panful it is.

    • Rebekah Edwards says:

      I’m so sorry to hear that, Adele! Dry socket pain typically should not last that long, so I’m glad to hear you found a holistic dentist to work with. In general, if you’re experiencing unexpected pain after a dental procedure, it’s a good idea to keep working with your dentist until the pain is resolved (unless you have a condition where this isn’t possible). I hope you begin feeling better soon!

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