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Finding the right advice and navigating the system when it comes to treating sleep apnea can be frustrating. So, today, Dr. B is addressing five relevant questions related to sleep apnea. These are questions that he and his wife had and struggled to answer, even as medical professionals, when they found out about their sleep apnea diagnosis. In this episode, we hear about the factors to consider when deciding on a device to help with sleep apnea, the efficacy of surgery to treat a tongue tie, and the reliability of at-home testing. Functional dentists are becoming increasingly knowledgeable about sleep apnea, so if you have access to one where you live, try to see them because they are more likely to spot the disorder than your physician. Be sure to tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Question 1: What factors should you consider when deciding between an oral appliance and a sleep apnea machine? 
  • Two points to consider when deciding on a device and how to ascertain them. 
  • Question 2: How effective is surgery in releasing a tongue tie? 
  • Why you should consider surgery along with mild functional therapy to treat tongue ties. 
  • Question 3: How reliable is at-home sleep apnea testing? 
  • Why Dr. B cautions against using a standalone home test.  
  • Question 4: Are other gadgets, like chin straps or nostril strips, effective treatments for sleep apnea? 
  • These ‘sleep hacks’ usually will not treat sleep apnea alone. 
  • Question 5: Are there any new developments in the field of sleep apnea research? 
  • Some of the advancements that excite Dr. B and the others he is worried about. 
  • Your dentist is more likely to see sleep apnea than your physician, so go see them.

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“Go see your dentist. Your dentist is more likely to be able to see sleep apnea than your physician.” — @askthedentist [0:11:23]

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