How to Get Rid of Soreness from a Valplast Denture

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Get rid of soreness valplast denture

I recently had my upper dentures replaced by a beautiful Valplast partial, however, my entire upper mouth is very sore. It feels as if the partial is squeezing my mouth in a vise. How come? My dentist smoothed one spot but the soreness is overall and even with my old partial inserted the soreness remains. What can I do to ease the pain until my dentist can see me again? Thank you for any advice you can provide. - Mary B.

A: Mary, There are two reasons your mouth could be sore. First, some background information about how Valplast works so that you can better work with your dentist to find the root cause of the issue and resolve the pain.

Valplast is a wonderful material that is known for being non invasive, comfortable, aesthetic, and less costly than a partial metal denture. The material was developed by NASA many years ago and is extremely flexible and has a lifetime guarantee against fracture and breakage of the base ? it?s that strong. One of its great advantages is that it?s flexible, making it somewhat more forgiving than a metal partial denture. There are also no metal clasps visible when you smile.

Possibility #1: Improper Sizing of the Valplast is Causing Soreness

Your teeth might be sore due to the extreme flexibility of the Valplast partial. This type of soreness is marked by tenderness when pushing down and chewing or biting down. If the partial is slightly too large or too small, it will still fit, but will try to expand or shrink due to its elastic nature and create an orthodontic effect, making the teeth sore as if you had braces.

When the impression for the Valplast denture is taken, the impression has to be poured up in stone and if not done correctly, the model of your teeth that the Valplast is made from may be slightly too large or too small. If this is the case, then the Valplast denture itself will be too large or too small and may exert forces on the teeth, or, in the case of possibility #2, will cause gum soreness.

Possibility #2: Pressure Points on the Gums are Causing Soreness

The gums are sore due to pressure points caused by the Valplast denture. Your gums are responding to the gripping, elastic power of the Valplast and might not have gotten used to that grip yet. The Valplast partial may not be fitting correctly and may be causing pressure points in the gums.

The Valplast is designed to stretch and slip over the teeth but recoil into its home position once past the teeth and fit snugly around the teeth with no space between the roof of your mouth and the Valplast.

If the Valplast is making your teeth or gums sore, inserting the old partial will not take away the soreness. However, if the old partial does not fit as it used to, then your teeth have moved. Share this with your dentist if it’s the case because it gives insight into which possibility is the root cause of your pain.

Speak with your dentist about these two possibilities. The best thing to do is to use this information to try to quantify which issue is causing the problem and to convey this to your dentist.

Once you have settled in with your Valplast, it?s important to keep the Valplast soaking in distilled water while you sleep at night. I say distilled because regular tap water has chlorine, minerals, and other contaminants in it which can harm your Valplast denture.

In the meantime, frequent breaks from wearing the Valplast and warm salt water rinses will help ease the pain. A mild painkiller, like something you would usually take for your headache, can also help.

Hope this helps.

Mark Burhenne DDS

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  1. AndrewLuna says:

    I think that the pressure points on the gums cause more soreness as compared to improper sizing of Valplast denture. And another possibility is giving a long break to wear the denture.

  2. My dentist is not approachable in that he gets aggravated because I say it still dosent fit….it’s valplast partial.
    It’s a lower partial and one side extendes to far back to the jawbone causing soreness..clasps causing soreness
    Because they rest on the gum not the tooth….help….what to do 1560.00..lm broke

    • Anonymous says:

      Same boat as you I got a Call last partial doesn’t fit I have to keep going back for adjustments. Dentist is annoyed saying u just have to get use to it.

    • My valplas partial denture caused a problem where one of the hooks was too long and was irritating my tooth and gum. I put the denture on to the original mold of my teeth. ( i ask for them and keep them) and looked where the problem was. I got out my dremmel multi. ( craft tool with drills and files). And filed the denture down. 5 years ago and no problems since.

  3. I just got an upper and a lower valplast (yesterday). Within hours, the lower piece caused a sore on my tongue. I had to take it out, and this morning…my tongue is still too sore to re-insert it. There’s a rough spot on that part of the device, and I know it’s literally ‘sanding’ my tongue. Is there a way to smooth out that part of the device (other than an emery board, or a Dremel tool grinding wheel!) I COULD wait for my mouth and tongue to eventually smooth the surface, (as seawater rounds jagged rocks); however, I don’t have millions of years to wait for the process. lol

  4. I just received my upper and lower partials a couple of days ago and I can’t even wear them because of the pressure it puts on my teeth on the bottom and it’s causing a sore on my tongue on the one side.
    The top, I can’t even get back in because of the sore on my gum that it caused from wearing it for about an hour.
    Like everyone else here, I was very excited about getting them because I’ve come to find out how important teeth are to chew after I lost most of molars!! LOL, but alas, I am impatient.
    I know and understand it’s like a new pair of shoes, I’m going to need to wear them in but at this point I can’t even do that.
    I am going in this morning to get my second adjustment. I sat in the chair for an hour while he adjusted them the day I got them.
    I’ll let you know how I make out.

    • Well after weeks of adjustments and trying to get used to wearing the partials I’m at the point now where I wish I wouldn’t have opted for them and saved the money.
      The lowers aren’t bad, I’m used to them and even eat with them but the upper feels like I have a shoe in my mouth and they still hurt.It’s going to take a long while to get used to them.
      I told my dentist, who is very good about things, that I’d be back after Christmas for more adjustments to the upper.
      Merry Christmas to you all!

  5. dianna miller says:

    I got my bottom denture last Thursday and wore them until the evening… My mouth hurt so bad and my tongue was so swollen…blisters on top and underneath… I could barely talk the next day…was lisping…the blisters were so bad that I could hardly rinse my mouth… I saw my dentist yesterday and he called the lab to find out if anyone else had this problem…they said yes…allergic reaction… So they are remaking my new dentures with a dura flex… Hopefully I will have no problems with it…

  6. Just got my dentures and top is fine but buttom hurts so bad causing a sore until.I can’t put them back in what must I do

  7. Anonymous says:

    I got my partial last year, i t was very uncomfortable which all dentures are at first but my mouth started to get very sore so I went back to my old denture and spoke to my dentist who said to persevere with it, when my old denture broke I had to wear my partial, my mouth still gets sore but not as much, but I don’t think that it fits very well I find myself lisping and spitting everywhere when talking to people which I find very embarrassing, I am going to be making another visit to my dentist because he told me this would settle down the more I wear it, I am unhappy because it cost me a lot of money, I would not have another one.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Got my valplast last week lower partial. My mouth is killing me blisters all over my mouth. Felt like my tongue was swollen double . Now have a sore where clasp is on the and told I am allergic to it. $1,000 for something I am unable to use. ?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hello, my name is Fernando and I’m going to be receiving a flexible upper partial denture for the first time I was just wondering if I floss everyday can the flexible denture become poor fitting and not properly stay in place and cause problems later on while having the denture.

  10. I have just obtained my 3rd valplast partial upper. The first one caused lots of mouth ulcers and sores, but I persevered and it improved, but after a year or two, it was too loose. The 2nd one was excellent, not too much trouble adjusting to it, but after a year or two, one of the teeth fell off. I super glued it back on, so that meant it couldn’t be repaired properly. I was very, very happy with valplast. Now I have the 3rd valplast. I’m getting awful nerve pain, as well as the blisters etc. My ear, eye, head, teeth all ache considerably, even after two painkillers, on the tightest side, the other side is OK. I’ve tried stretching it as I don’t think it needs much adjusting, but the dentist wants me to persevere, so I will, if I can bear the pain, for another week.

    • Well, after a HUGE amount of unbearable nerve pain and persevering for several weeks, the dentist finally adjusted the denture (drilled off tiny amount at the pressure points) – success!
      Hot tea does help a lot by making the denture larger for a short while, as does salt water for healing gums. I’d recommend anyone who is tempted to give up to persevere, it is worth it in the end. Keep going back to your dentist, you’ve paid a fortune, and deserve something that fits. In the very beginning, I think sleeping with the denture in at night is a good idea as your brain gets used to it being there, so you can have a break during the day when you can’t stand it anymore. Now, I have no idea whether it is in my mouth or not.

  11. I received both upper and lower valplast partials about two months ago. After 6 visits to the dentist and whole new set of partials remade, they still hurt really bad. The upper feel like there is space between the roof of my mouth and the Valplast, it does not seat correctly to the roof of my mouth and the lower edge is not along my gum line but butting up against the mid part of the back of my front teeth, putting a lot of pressure and causing pain. The lower ones have gaps where the partial meets up against the real tooth. I am still embarrassed to smile cause the gaps are noticible and it fits loose on one side. I am getting so discouraged.

    • Mary Whittle says:

      I have upper and lower call last dentures.
      1. I cant wear the lowers the fit is bad i cant chew with them, they are to thick and the upper teeth prevents me from biting down,
      The uppers also dont fit they are thick and i can only wear them for maybe 8 hours they then come out, i have to take them out to eat. I have had 4 adjustments already and going back for my 5th, i tell them they are to thick so they shave them down alittle but it doesn’t help. They are irritated with me because they tell me the fit is good and i tell them they are wrong.
      I don’t know what to do, I am going to try and get my money back, i got them at a span dental and they bave a money back guarantee. I hope they honor it, cause im not happy and need to go else where to have a proper impression made and get the right fit.

  12. Time for a Flexite Partial. Flexite has 7 different medical grade thermoplastics to choose from!

  13. I had my partical lower denture fitted four days ago, it’s painful but not as bad as it as been , could anyone tell me the best way to put it in my mouth and remove it please as I’m finding it a strugged and painful, thankyou, Pauline

  14. I figured out that if I had a cup of warm tea (or coffee) immediately after I inserted the Valplast partial the pain went away, Hope this helps. lee

    • I was told that if the denture became loose or misshapen to drop it in a cup of hot water and it would remould itself. Maybe this is what tge hot tea is doing?

  15. beverly feldman says:

    I had bottom dentures made. Tip of tongue is sore and seems swollen. What to do?

  16. Elizabeth Creasy says:

    I received my upper Valplast partial a few days ago. I love that I have teeth again.. But they hurt like hell to put them in my mouth. Can’t bite down on the front at all. Can barely chew food, I have to take it out to eat. Also can’t taste anything with it in. I originally had a flipper with metal clasps and it destroyed my teeth. Ended up with a bad infection. I am supposed to get the bottom partial which is back jaw teeth. Right now I wished I would’ve just decided to stay without any front teeth. Two of the front/side teeth are really rough. I am wearing the top and going to call my dentist after the holiday weekend. Nearly $5000 grand total… And seems like a waste. ;-(

  17. Cheryl Thompson says:

    Question to al Val plast wearers, did you get a certified number with them so you can register them with the Valplast company?

    • No, i didnt… I wondered about that….

      • Cheryl Thompson says:

        If not,,its not a Valplast item, just a flexable made with different stuff.

  18. Jay Heldman says:

    some canker sores caused by denture rubbing will not heal if the denture continues rubbing the sore. no dentist told me this. i had a sore for seven weeks until i kept the denture out of my mouth when eating and most of the time.

  19. I recently got my Valplast partials, upper and lower for my back teeth which I had removed. I could not wear the first set of partials for the all the metal just made me so ill all the time. my dentist suggested the valplast partials. Beside the cost for them I have not experienced any satisfaction with them. They always hurt and leave ulcers in my mouth. I only eat grapes with them cause it hurts to eat anything else. I take them out to eat. So what is the use of them. I have been to the dentist for adjustments at least 5 times and still no comfort. I feel like they don’t care anymore and now instead of giving me a look-at adjustment appointment I get a well she has availability in 3 weeks. So I just don’t wear them till the week of so she can see all the sore spots I have. They are squeezing my teeth and scratching my tongue and leaving ulcers where they hit on my gums and the softer pats of my mouth and make my whole being hurt. I am trying real hard to wear them thinking it will get better and also because of the cost. I would have rathered not to get them at all and saved myself $2000.00. I daily take Ibuprofen 800’s and rinse with an Oralgel Mouthwash and use Oragel mouth gel all day long and now awaiting another appointment. Also they have not supplied me with an certificate either. Unless they submit it at the Dentist Office. I just want to turn them back in and get my money back.

  20. I would love to hear more reviews of Valplast dentures. I cannot tolerate the standard acrylic denture due to all the toxic materials in them. I have been considering Valplast or Flexite and yet it seems these have their own set of issues. It is so sad to see so many purchasing these dentures and then having to take them out to eat. What is everyone doing to make dentures work for them? Those who have purchased them……..would you choose them again if you were starting from the beginning? Any comments would be so appreciated.

    • Hope you didn’t waste your money they are terrible. After more than two months of adjustments, my partial is still painful.

    • Hope it isn’t too late to warn you to stay away from these partials and dentures. I was told how comfortable they would be and it was worth paying the extra price. Not so. I would never do this again. I am out over $1300 for something that is so painful I can’t wear it after over two months of ‘adjustments’. What a waste of time and money.

  21. Linda Rexroth says:

    I am not able to wear regular dentures
    I can not get mini implants or regular implants because teeth were pulled and now bone loss
    My front right and front left bridge after 3rd one has cavities under bridge and left is slowly clicking loose 😩
    Since I am asthmatic with many allergies I am wearing a piece of Valplast a few days to see if I could get a flexible Valplast upper partial?
    So far so good
    I read all your comments and you scared me concerning Valplast partials?
    I must have an oral surgeon remove my top left and right front bridge and teeth, and root canals before Valplast partials!
    No other option except have no top front teeth?
    I am 70 year old white female who has seen enough pain!
    Anyone have a suggestions that are positive?

    • Mark Burhenne, DDS says:

      I’m so sorry my comments scared you. That is certainly NOT my intention.

      Unfortunately, in this setting, I’m only able to give general guidelines and not personalized recommendations due to governmental regulations. I would seek out a second opinion from a functional dentist in your area that will be able to examine your entire case and help you reach a solution.

      I wish you all the best Linda.

  22. I have had a Valplast upper for only 4 days and two adjustment to date. Will be back in the office on Monday as the partial is painful to eat with. I also have a bony ridge on the left side just above where the tips of two extracted teeth were taken out. The partial presses on the bone and is quite painful.. So far they have ground down the top edge twice but it is still pressing on the largest area of bone. When I try to eat I am feeling pressure on all three sockets of the teeth that were removed. Am going to ask them to grind down the bumps that were bigger when the impressions were made as there has been more healing and the recessed area on each socket area is smaller. Not sure this was a great decision. Hope to God this was not a big waste of money. I also did not get a certification number for the partial. Will definitely ask if the dentist has registered the partial with the company. Helpful advise. Thank you for that.

    • Mark Burhenne, DDS says:

      Hi there, Nancy!

      I’m sorry to hear this. Partials are a long and often frustrating process, but keep going back until it’s right.

      Best wishes,

      Dr. B

  23. On my second Valplast partial upper as first one couldn’t be made to fit right and hurt like heck. Second one almost as problematic, though it molds a bit better to the roof of my mouth. My dentist is patiently trying to adjust for comfort, but it’s frustrating. Fit improves, then over next days new problem areas develop. Really shouldn’t be so hard. However, it does look good in the mouth.

    • Mark Burhenne, DDS says:

      I’m so sorry to hear how painful and frustrating this has been. Sometimes it takes time and a whole lot of patients to get a properly fitting partial. Keep your head up, Clammy.

  24. Valplast or similar flexible partials are junk if they don’t have rest to prevent pressing on the gums. I have seen a number of these that have turned the gums underneath into hamburger.

    Doesn’t matter how accurate the impressions were. If they don’t have rests on teeth, they are going to macerate the gums. I have seen a good bit of gum recession by poorly designed Valplast “clasps.”

    Designing partial dentures is almost a lost art. So few dentists have surveyors in their office and know how to use them.

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