Why Do Some of Us Get More Plaque than Others?

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If you have ever been in a situation where your partner or a friend, who is not as careful with their oral health as you are, comes back with a clean report while you’re struggling with cavities,  you know how frustrating this can be. So, why do some people get more plaque than others? It is a question that confuses dentists, especially when those who are not as diligent seem to get away with murder. In this episode, Dr. B talks about why we should not disinfect the mouth but,  instead, feed and nourish the oral microbiome, which is the pillar of good oral health. We also hear about epigenetics and how this contributes to plaque buildup. Even if you are healthy in most ways, there is likely something you are doing or consuming which is contributing to your levels of plaque, so it is vital to find a dentist that will help you dig deep to get to the bottom of this issue!  

Key Points From This Episode:  

  • A listener question asking why some of us develop plaque more easily than others.
  • It all comes back to the oral microbiome; which is the pillar of oral health.
  • Why the use of lemon oil and tea tree oil is not recommended. 
  • How epigenetics might be contributing to someone’s plaque levels. 
  • A look at nighttime mouth-breathing and why this might contribute to issues.
  • Some differences that account for why some people can get away with more than others.
  • People think they eat well without realizing that a certain food is harming their oral biome.
  • The importance of seeing a dentist who can address everything for you.  

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“Disinfecting the mouth is not a good way to go. It’s really about nourishing the mouth, keeping it  healthy.” — @askthedentist [0:04:58]  

“Just because you’re flossing and brushing and eating well does not guarantee that you will not  get cavities.” — @askthedentist [0:07:56]  

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