Are you missing the most important part of your health?

How many times have you chalked up weight gain, brain fog, and feeling tired to getting older? The symptoms we call a natural part of the aging process are far too often related to the often-forgotten most important pillar of health: sleep.

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Could you be living with an undiagnosed disease that is making you fat, tired, grumpy, unproductive and depressed?

If you…

  • Wake up exhausted every morning, even though you’re getting your 7-8 hours
  • Blame your lack of energy on your busy lifestyle or getting older…
  • Have been told your snoring sounds like a freight train…
  • Grind or clench your teeth…
  • Are truly terrified to give up coffee…

You may be one of the 42 million Americans battling the most urgent epidemic of our time–sleep apnea. (Of those 42 million, up to 90% of them have no idea they aren’t getting quality sleep.)

The good news: The 8-Hour Sleep Paradox can get you feeling better than you thought possible.

There are few iron laws of the universe, but here’s one: if you want to be happier, healthier, and more productive, you need to get enough sleep. The 8-Hour Sleep Paradox will help you improve the quality of your sleep, so you’ll feel more alive than ever.Gretchen RubinGretchen Rubin#1 New York Times bestselling author of Better Than Before, The Happiness Project and Happier at Home
Dr. Mark Burhenne is a pioneering voice in the prevention and treatment of sleep apnea. This guide presents his straightforward, action-oriented plan for healing by measuring, treating, and verifying your sleep quality for a lifetime of healing, deep sleep. This book revolutionizes the way we understand and treat our sleep. I highly recommend it!Dr. Mark HymanMark Hyman, MD#1 New York Times bestselling author of The Blood Sugar Solution and Director of the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine
If you want to boost your brainpower, memory, energy, and mood, as well wake up every morning happy and in the driver’s seat of your life, Dr. Burhenne is your guide. In this groundbreaking book, he shows us how every one of us is susceptible to sleep breathing interruptions and what to do to optimize this breathing for efficient, optimal, and healing sleep every night of our lives.Frank Lipman, MDNew York Times bestselling author of The New Health Rules, founder and director of Eleven-Eleven Wellness in New York City and creator of Be Well by Dr. Frank Lipman
Getting good sleep is one of the most precious things we can do for our long-term health. When patients come to me unable to lose weight, get their blood pressure under control, fix their sugar cravings, or get over daytime fatigue, the first thing I look to is their sleep. And so often, it turns out that, sure enough, there is a sleep disorder at the root of their problem. In this book, Dr. Burhenne will help you to find out whether you have a sleep disorder that is preventing you from having the health you deserve and living the life you want. When looking for the root causes of your chronic health problems, make sure to look in this important resource!Aviva Romm, MDAward-winning author, creator of WomanWise and founder of the Yale Integrative Medicine program
Dr. Burhenne has brought knife-like clarity to a complicated and dangerous area of health. I highly recommend buying this book.Review from
Sleep is likely the best medicine for your brain and in this book, Dr. Burhenne provides readily applicable tools to improve your sleep. If you want better performance from your brain, read this book, and learn how to give it better sleep.Review from
If you think you get enough sleep but are still tired during the day, you need this book. Never anywhere have I found a more comprehensive treatment of the relationship between sleep disorders and oral features (like the size and shape of your tongue) and dental factors (like grinding one's teeth at night).Review from

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About Dr. Mark Burhenne, DDS

Mark Burhenne, DDS is a bestselling author and a family and sleep medicine dentist who has been in private practice nearly 30 years, focusing on patient-centered and preventative dental healthcare with patients who come to him from all over the world. The day his wife was diagnosed with sleep apnea was the day he began learning everything he could about sleep breathing conditions. He is a TEDx speaker and his advice regularly appears on media outlets such as CNN, CBS, Yahoo! Health, The Huffington Post, Prevention, Men’s Health, and MindBodyGreen. He is the creator of, dedicated to exploring the mouth-body connection for better overall health.



If You’re Not Snoring, You’re Fine

Truth: If you’re already snoring, your sleep issues were not caught early enough. Our healthcare system only looks for symptoms of late-stage illness and disease, rather than trying to intervene early. We are failing to catch and treat sleep breathing issues early on. I’ve seen patients whose interrupted sleep breathing wasn’t treated simply because they were young, healthy, and thin.

I Don’t Have Sleep Apnea, So I’m Fine

Truth: I’ll always regret not pushing my doctor to treat me after he told me I was “fine” because I had “only” mild sleep apnea. I wasn’t fine. But in any case, sleep apnea represents a tiny fraction of the wide spectrum of sleep disorders. By stopping at ruling out sleep apnea, we fail to treat millions of people who have suboptimal sleep for some other reason.

Weight Loss Is Necessary to Improve Sleep Quality

Truth: While weight loss does help significantly, losing weight is a massive lifestyle change that can take years. Opening up your airway so you breathe better at night improves sleep quality, which can actually accelerate weight loss.

Children Are the Best Sleepers

Truth: You’ve heard the expression “sleeping like a baby,” but children have several unique challenges when it comes to breathing during sleep. Growing bodies often haven’t caught up with large tonsils and tongues, which can cause breathing difficulty at night. Things like diet, use of sippy cups, length of breastfeeding, and allergies all impact how a child’s face, mouth, teeth, jaw, and airway develop—setting the stage for what the child’s sleep quality will be as he or she grows older.

People With Sleep Disorders Have to Sleep With a Machine

Truth: First of all, I’d like to get this out there: sleep machines aren’t scary. They aren’t difficult to use, they aren’t painful, and they shouldn’t be feared. But if for whatever reason a CPAP or APAP machine isn’t right for you—don’t worry! There are other options.

It’s Adorable When My Child/Partner/Friend Snores

Truth: I imagine a world where, one day, we consider snoring to be as serious as smoking. Snoring is never normal, never cute, and always a red flag for poor sleep.

Sleep Problems Can Be Cured Using Sleep Hacks

Truth: There are lots of sleep hacks out there for improving sleep quality—such as minimizing blue light before bed or not drinking caffeine after 2 p.m. Sleep hygiene is important, but in comparison to sleep breathing, they’re icing on the cake. Optimizing your sleep breathing isn’t just the best bang for your buck—it trumps so many of these sleep hacks because you’re too knocked out in deep sleep to notice the temperature of the room.
The book is a gold mine of useful information such as: 1) checks you can do yourself to see if your anatomical structures in your mouth might make you susceptible to sleep apnea; 2) insurance coverage for oral devices that can in some cases prevent sleep apnea, including hints on fighting your insurance company to cover such devices (they fall under medical, not dental insurance); 3) detailed information about MADs (mandibular advancement devices) and TRDs (Tongue Retaining Devices) and relative prices (my own dentist quoted me a $3500 price for a MAD if insurance did not cover it) 4) effects on sleep apnea on overall health and state of mind; 5) testing for sleep apnea; CPAP and APAP devices; appendix of useful links for specialized information on sleep and dentistry; 6) list of Medicare approved devices (you still need a sleep study though); 7) details about sleep studies; 8) exercises for sleep-disordered breathing; 8) description of surgical treatments for sleep apnea, and much more.Review from
This is one of the most useful books I've read in a long time. Being a victim of sleep apnea, this was found to be very useful. Waking up in the middle of the night a few years ago, gasping for air, not knowing what was wrong, scared me a great deal, so felt it was time to make Doctor appointment. He then suggested a sleep study, where it was found that sleep apnea was the problem. Being diagnosed with mild sleep apnea, I was told I didn't need to wear a mask for now, but that it would eventually get worse as years go by. Trying to find a solution before things became worse, this book came into view, which was a huge blessing. After reading it, and following Dr Burhenne's advice, it has changed the quality of this life tremendously.Review from