Don’t Make This Invisalign Mistake!

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Video Transcript:

Dr. Burhenne here of for another little tip. And this time, it’s about the Invisalign.

Invisalign is a wonderful product. I’ve been using it for about 15 years myself, and it really works well. I’m not sure if you’ve been told, but here’s something that you should know about Invisalign: they can break.

And, specifically, I’m talking about the retainers. If the aligners were to break, of course, you get a new one in two weeks. But the retainers, you want them to last at least 5 to 10 years—or even longer.

They always tend to break right around here where it fits right into your canines—not in the front that’s capping your incisors, not in the back where the molars are. They break right where it fits into your canines.

And that’s simply because that’s the hinge point when you peel it out of your mouth.

Most people take it out by going way in the back and pulling it off from there. That’s the easiest place to take them out. That’s how they pop it off. But then, they pull it off holding the Invisalign from all the way from the back. And what happens is the retainers bend right around the canine area.

What you have to do instead is you have to work your thumb forward and ease it out.

If you bend it like this, it’s eventually going to crack where it bends. Then, of course, you’ll need a new one—and these are expensive.

So, that’s my little tip about Invisalign. The next time you take out your aligner, you’d know how to do it properly. It’ll save you a lot of money.

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Dr. Mark Burhenne

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