What Are Cavitations and How Should You Treat Them?

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Cavitations are not widely recognized in the field of dentistry, despite a growing body of evidence to support their effects on the body. In today’s episode, Dr. B explains what cavitation is, how this empty space in your body – where no bone exists – links to chronic disease, and walks us through steps to take if you think you may have one. We also hear about the surgical treatment available. Remember, if you suspect you may have cavitation, you should go and see a functional dentist as they are armed with the knowledge to help you overcome this state of disease. Tune in to hear more! 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • An explanation of what cavitation is and why it causes problems in the body 
  • Cavitational osteonecrosis is not a recognized state of disease in dentistry 
  • The detailed diagnostic procedure necessary to find cavitation 
  • Some of the main causes of cavitations, including trauma from dental treatments 
  • The links between cavitation and chronic disease  
  • Surgery is the only treatment option if you have cavitation 
  • Why Dr. B is so passionate about cavitations and educating people about this problem 
  • There is a growing body of research around cavitations and their effects 
  • If you think you have cavitation, go and see a functional dentist

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