DIY Kids’ Toothpaste

kids' toothpaste

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It’s important for adults to avoid store-bought, sparkly blue toothpastes, but it’s even more critical for children. The dental care products that are marketed to children are often designed for entertainment—not optimal dental care. With that in mind, I think it’s especially important to make your own kids’ toothpaste whenever possible.

Here’s how:




  1. In a bowl mix the calcium carbonate, the xylitol, the baking soda and the optional probiotic with a fork until they are thoroughly' toothpaste
  2. Add water to form a paste, incorporating all the' toothpaste
  3. Slowly add the coconut oil in while mixing the paste' toothpaste
  4. Add the anise essential oil and mix until smooth and no lumps' toothpaste
  5. Paste should be smooth, creamy and closely resemble the consistency of commercial toothpaste. (Feel free to mix in a food processor if necessary, in order to achieve the desired consistency.)kids' toothpaste


Storage Tips & How to Use

Store in a glass jar or refillable squeeze tube. Keep out only what you’ll use within 5-7 days and store the rest in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.

For kids who have a hard time changing routines, add a small amount of the DIY toothpaste to their brush along with the toothpaste they are used to. Gradually increase the amount of the DIY toothpaste while decreasing the amount of the commercial paste.

Consider discarding the used toothpaste (i.e., what’s left in the mouth after brushing) in the trash to avoid clogging sink pipes, as the coconut oil can leave a residue over time.