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7 Toothpastes Better than Crest

Conventional toothpastes like Crest and Colgate may make snazzy promises to turn your teeth white as snow, freshen your breath, or ward off cavities, but the truth is that most of these promises are moot – and in some cases, the ingredients used to cater to these desires might be more harmful than helpful. First…

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Does Fluoride Toothpaste Work?

Regular toothpaste doesn’t contain enough fluoride to effectively strengthen teeth. That’s because the concentration of fluoride in the water system and in toothpaste are two very different things.


How Toothpaste Packaging Fools Us

Anticavity! Tartar control! Here I’ll translate for you what all those claims on your toothpaste really mean and break down exactly what actually matters to choose a healthy and effective toothpaste.