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In this section, learn about conditions that affect your Oral Health – the teeth, gums, and tongue — including sensitive teeth, toothaches, tooth decay, cavities, and teeth grinding (bruxism).

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Wisdom Teeth Coming In? What You Need to Know

Wisdom teeth are one of the biggest mysteries of the mouth. Why? Because we don’t know exactly when and how they’re going to grace us with their presence. Knowing what to expect and what to look for can help you avoid pain, problems and expensive procedures. How to Tell If It’s Wisdom Teeth Coming In…

wisdom teeth coming in

Dentures: Costs, Concerns and Considerations

Being faced with prospect of living out your years with dentures can be quite daunting, not to mention stressful and emotional. There are so many unknowns swirling around in your brain. How much do they cost? How do I take care of them? Are there different kinds of dentures out there? Will I ever get…

dentures costs and considerations

Can You Trust That Latest Study? 7 Questions to Ask

We’re living in a world where headlines scream at us 24/7. We’re subject to around-the-clock tweets and posts telling us what to do, what not to do and what’s going to kill us if we keep doing it. While all that instant information can be really great, we have to know how to cut through…

misleading health news

Invisalign: Know Before You Go

Invisalign is likely the greatest advancement in dentistry in my 30-year dental career—but like anything great, it has nuances that need to be fully understood. If you’ve been discussing Invisalign with your dentist, or even just researching it on your own, you likely have a lot of questions. This guide will explore everything you need…

what to know invisalign

Don’t Make This Invisalign Mistake!

Video Transcript: Dr. Burhenne here of AsktheDentist.com for another little tip. And this time, it’s about the Invisalign. Invisalign is a wonderful product. I’ve been using it for about 15 years myself, and it really works well. But I’m not sure if you’ve been told, but here’s something that you should know about Invisalign: they…

prevent invisalign mistake

6 All-Natural Mouthwashes to Help Break Your Listerine Habit

Do you remember those commercials that told you to suffer through your mouthwash routine? Well, a lot of us still follow that regimen. After all, mouthwash kills harmful bacteria in the mouth and leaves your breath smelling minty fresh… right? Not exactly. While mouthwash does kill bacteria, it doesn’t distinguish between good bacteria and the…

best mouthwash

7 Toothpastes Better than Crest

Conventional toothpastes like Crest and Colgate may make snazzy promises to turn your teeth white as snow, freshen your breath, or ward off cavities, but the truth is that most of these promises are moot – and in some cases, the ingredients used to cater to these desires might be more harmful than helpful. First…

best natural toothpaste

Bleeding Gums: What It Means and When to See Your Dentist

Seeing blood in your sink after you brush your teeth can be alarming, but there’s no need to panic. You may be able to cure your bleeding gums without even seeing a dentist, depending on the situation. In this article, I’ll explain the common causes of bleeding gums, what you can do to stop the…

bleeding gums

Soothe Inflamed Gums with this Turmeric Golden Milk Tea

Gum disease is one of the most prevalent diseases in the world—60% of us have it. When did we become okay with this? It’s not normal for a population to be this sick! If we were talking about heart disease or diabetes being this prevalent, we’d call those rates unacceptable. And yet still, gum disease…

golden milk recipe

Your First Dental Implant Procedure: What to Expect

Now that you’ve made the decision to get a dental implant, you may be experiencing a little apprehension wondering what comes next, if it will hurt and how long it will take to recover. Relax. It’s easier than you think. While a dental implant is by no means a simple procedure, just knowing what to…

dental implants what to expect (1)

Dental Implants: How Much Do They Cost?

Losing a tooth can be a very traumatic experience, both emotionally and financially. If a dental implant is an option you are considering, you need to understand the process and just how much that implant will set you back before making a decision. How much will my dental implant cost? The simple answer is, it…

how much are dental implants