Giveaway: What’s Your Favorite Toothbrush?

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What's your favorite toothbrush? Let me know and you are entered for a chance to win a new one.

by Dr. Burhenne

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Update: The giveaway is now closed, congrats to our winners: Katalina, John, Jen, Karen, and Norman. Watch for another giveaway soon!

A lot of readers have been asking, “which toothbrush should I buy?” I’ve been putting together a guide with my recommendations for the last several months now.

But here’s the thing: once you get past the safety considerations, a lot comes down to personal preference—size of the handle, maneuverability, whether gunk builds up on the stand (a personal pet peeve of mine.) There’s plenty on the web on this topic, but I’ve found most of it is according to dentists, or even studies funded by the manufacturers themselves.

So I’d like to open up the question to this community:

What’s your favorite toothbrush? And why?

Are you electric or manual?

Do you prefer Sonicare or Oral-B?

Or do you prefer going with smaller brands?

The Prize: I’m giving away one each of the top five bestselling toothbrushes on Amazon. Let’s see how Amazon’s top five list compares to Ask the Dentist readers’ top five!

To enter to win, tell me in the comments:

What is your favorite toothbrush?

Can’t wait to hear what you think!

Dr. Mark Burhenne

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