Quip Toothbrush Review: A Dentist’s Thoughts

Habits can be intimidating. They’re had to form and hard to break. They can be good for you and bad for you. Recently I decided to advise a toothbrush startup that is committed to helping people form healthy dental habits, which is definitely something that was easy to get behind. This article tells you why I believe Quip is changing the toothbrush game and why I decided to advise them.

Quip Toothbrush Review: A Dentist's Thoughts

How to Mouth Tape for Better Sleep

If you’re breathing through your mouth while you sleep at night, it’s a big deal. In this post, I’ll cover why mouth taping is an amazing sleep hack and how to get started with mouth taping if it’s your first time.

Are you a mouth breather? This habit could be detrimental to your health! | AskTheDentist.com