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Knowing what to eat and drink, when to eat and drink is important for good oral hygiene and also for a good nights sleep!

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Can You Trust That Latest Study? 7 Questions to Ask

We’re living in a world where headlines scream at us 24/7. We’re subject to around-the-clock tweets and posts telling us what to do, what not to do and what’s going to kill us if we keep doing it. While all that instant information can be really great, we have to know how to cut through…

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7 Toothpastes Better than Crest

Conventional toothpastes like Crest and Colgate may make snazzy promises to turn your teeth white as snow, freshen your breath, or ward off cavities, but the truth is that most of these promises are moot – and in some cases, the ingredients used to cater to these desires might be more harmful than helpful. First…

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