Working With Your Dentist

We love to help patients work better with their dentists. Dr. Mark Burhenne will help to ask the right questions and make the right decisions for you and your families health.

Latest Working with your Dentist Videos

Digging the Root Canal

The root canal procedure is often feared and dreaded, but I aim to demystify it here so it can be appreciated for the benefits it can provide for a dying tooth.


Sinus Drainage & Pain After a Root Canal Procedure

Shortly after I returned home from from the dentist, I leaned over and had a sudden gush of watery substance drain from my left nostril. It smelled just like the sodium hypochloride that the dentist used to flush my roots. Is it possible to drill through the root into the sinus cavity?


Understanding the Root Canal

No one will ever forget Dustin Hoffman having his front teeth drilled through to the nerve by a Nazi dentist in the film Marathon Man. Always a favorite topic with comedians and Hollywood film makers, the root canal, poorly understood and unjustly accused, lives on in disrepute.