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6 All - Natural Mouthwashes to Help Break Your Listerine Habit

6 All – Natural Mouthwashes to Help Break Your Listerine Habit

Do you remember those commercials that told you to suffer through your mouthwash routine? Well, a lot of us still follow that regimen. After all, mouthwash kills harmful bacteria in the mouth and leaves your breath smelling minty fresh… right? Not exactly. While mouthwash does kill bacteria, it doesn’t distinguish between harmful bacteria and the helpful flora that live in your mouth. Today, I’m sharing 6 all-natural mouthwash options for you to consider.

7 Toothpastes Better than Crest

7 Toothpastes Better than Crest

Conventional toothpastes like Crest and Colgate may make snazzy promises to turn your teeth white as snow, freshen your breath, or ward off cavities, but the truth is that most of these promises are subject to debate – and in some cases, the ingredients used to cater to these desires might be more harmful than helpful. Luckily, there are several products on the market that are much better for you than conventional toothpaste ever could be. Here are seven to try as you transition away from conventional toothpaste.