What’s the Best Toothpaste for Someone With Diabetes?

I’m a diabetic and would like to know your views on any toothpaste that you feel is best for people that have diabetes.
Fortunately, toothpaste would have no real effect on diabetes directly. The most important thing is to prevent having gum disease, which would have huge implications in conjunction with your diabetes.

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If you have gum disease as a diabetic, your blood sugar levels are harder to control.

Conversely, having diabetes makes you more predisposed to getting gum disease.

As I’m sure you’re already aware, keeping your diabetes well-controlled will be critical in minimizing your risk of gum disease, which, as we just established, will make your diabetes harder to control. It’s kind of a vicious cycle, isn’t it?

Brushing and toothpaste will be the least important factors for you – flossing will be absolutely imperative. My advice for you is to see your dental hygienist and make sure you’re flossing correctly and often enough.

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  1. randy radzinske says

    Can a broken tooth cause dizzy spells (I’ve had only one bad one but get light headed, after walking a short distance.) I thought it was my bp but that seems to be under control.

  2. Joel says

    I have been told I need to have my 4 wisdom teeth pulled. The 2 on the bottom need pulling. So therefore the 2 on top are useless.

    Could a dentist put crowns on the 2 bottom ones?

    If so how expensive might that be?

  3. MOnica Todd says

    Tebodont is a great toothpaste for diabetics and to everyone that cares about her dental health. contains tea tree .

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