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I currently receive emails faster than I can answer them. While I do my absolute best to respond to as many as possible, please do not be upset if I don’t respond to yours.

To make it easier for me to help, please be sure to…

  1. Keep it brief.
  2. Understand that I can’t make diagnoses via the Internet.

Example of a bad question:

Attached are my x-rays. I had an extraction on #22. Should I see my dentist?

Examples of good questions:

What’s your opinion on fluoride in baby formula? I’m a new parent of twins and wondering if I should use tap water or filtered water for their formula.

I recently received my first crown and I have extreme sensitivity to cold and hot foods/liquids. Is this normal? Will this always be the case or will it eventually go away?

If you’re in pain right now, see your dentist. The nature of toothaches is that they’re almost always an indication that it’s too late to manage the problem yourself. Infections and cavities never get better or stay the same – they get worse. See your dentist and get treatment.

If you don’t have a dentist, check out my guide for finding an awesome and affordable dentist who will take care of your dental health for life. My philosophy is that prevention is the best medicine and seeing a dentist regularly will keep you out of pain and prevent expensive treatment.

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If you are a patient of mine, do not contact me here — please email me, call my cell, or call the office to get an immediate response.

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To get direct access to me, contact me via the form below to set up a time to speak over Skype, email, or phone. My rate is $98 for 30 minutes and you will get one-to-one counseling and advice from me on your personal situation. I’ve helped out many people by talking to them over the phone.

I’m constantly working to make a resource that empowers you to take control of your dental health and get the answers you need. I always want to hear your honest feedback about how I’m doing.

Thanks for writing! Hearing from you makes better for all my readers, so I appreciate you taking the time.

– Dr. B